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Feb 24, 2009 01:47 PM

Crab/ crawdad boil in or around dallas

Growing up in on the Oklahoma/ Arkansa border we used to go to a cajun restaurant where you could order a crab boil that consisted of crab legs, crawdads, shrimp, corn on the cob, new potatoes and sausage. They would bring it out in a big silver bowl and throw in on the table which was covered in white butcher paper. Is there anything like this in or within an 11/2 drive from dallas? If not then does someone have a great recommendation for Houston or Austin for a fun, Cajun place with live music (I'm might be up for a roadtrip, but then I would require music too:) The places I have tried already in Dallas are as follows:
Aw Shucks
Shuck and Jive
Dodie's (which I like crab boil)
Pappadeauxs (yea, yea, I know)

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. I know from experience that in Houston the HOA's almost every weekend have a crawfish boil during the spring. Perhaps someone from there can invite you to one.

    Texas Crawfish and Music Festival in Old Town Spring

    Texas Mudbug Boogie benefitting the USO

    If you don't mind hangin with the Texas Exes (I certainly wouldn't - Hook Em

    Muscular Dystrophy Boil in Houston

    Not sure of your daily/weekend activities but Mom's Biker Bar in Longview

    Just reporting the info...If you have LSU alumni in Dallas

    Probably my choice of places to travel to Aprill 11th - Jefferson, TX - Caddo Lake is nearby

    Another in Houston:
    Mar 21: Crawfish Boil & Zydeco Music
    The Tower of Faith Christian Center is hosting a Zydeco Crawfish Boil on March 21, 2009 from 12pm to 5pm at George Bush Park. Tickets are $25 each and includes entertainment by Lady D & the Zydeco Tornadoes, all-you-can eat crawfish up to 6lbs., non-alcoholic beverages, entry into raffle drawing and other fun-filled activities! Presale Tickets Only! No tickets will be sold at the gate so please purchase tickets in advance.

    Please call 281-494-9407 or email at toweroffaith@hotmail­.com for more information.
    Location: 16756 Westheimer Parkway, Houston, Texas 77082

    Harvest Festival Crawfish Boil
    Date 18 April 2009
    Time 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    Location Maude Cobb 100 Grand Blvd
    Annual Crawfish Boil to benefit the Harvest Festival Scholarship Program. All you can eat & drink, crawfish, catfish and all the trimmings, with a live cajun band.

    Saturday, April 18th, 2009
    1st seating - 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.
    2nd seating - 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

    Tickets and "reserved" tables are sold in advance by the Harvest Festival Board of Directors or by contacting the Gregg County Extension Office at 903-236-8428. Tickets for the 1st seating may be available at the door.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      You are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for the help. Looks like Im going on a road trip!

      1. re: missylee

        Have you tried calling Ivan Pugh at Alligator Cafe to see if he plans on having a boil?

        If he plans on it.....there is a terrific way to support "local" guys down in SE Texas. I try to push local or Texas guys when I can.

        At Southeast Texas Crawfish Farm in Hamshire (close to Baumont

        Pure Vida Farms

        Texas Mudbugs in El Campo

        Broussards Crawfish Farm
        5378 FM 1009 Rd
        Nome, TX 77629
        (409) 253-2144

        Not sure about this one -
        Clean Crawfish Farm
        701 W Highway 90
        China, TX 77613
        (409) 752-5514‎

        Tails R US Crawfish Farm
        701 W Highway 90
        China, TX 77613
        (409) 752-5514‎

      2. re: LewisvilleHounder

        I like how there is a stipulation on the all you can eat crawfish at that one boil. 6 pounds! that would take me all of about 20 minutes to eat. lol

        1. re: roro1831

          Yea 6 lbs is definitely not a lot. I just report the news! But I hear ya.....I wonder if that also includes potatoes, sausage, and corn in that 6 lbs???

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            I used to do a boil in Chicago for a restaurant up there and they charged $25 all you could eat, no limits. That was a bargain, and most people from the N.O. area that were living up there would show up in force and take full advantage.
            I wish someone in the NYC area did that, they are $9 a pound around here, so it would cost me a small fortune to eat like I would back home.

      3. Adairs in downtown Dallas is having a crawfish boil tomorrow. Apparently, its free from what it says in their website. Ive never been but they are very well known for their burgers. I will most likely check it out since Im in the crawfish mood this time of year.

        1. I frequent a place in Richardson called the Cajun Kitchen. Family owned place...great cajun food...and they sell crawfish by the pound at a very reasonable price..bring it to your table in a big bag with potatoes and corn. totally tasty. It's in the shopping center on Plano Road and Collins, near the 7-11 next to Schlotzky's. highly recommend it.

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          1. re: FoodieDiva

            I actually tried going to this place yesterday. Have they changed owners recently? I went in and the server didn't speak English and couldn't understand when I asked if they were open (the place was empty). All the workers were Asian. I asked if it was BYOB and the server politely replied that he did not understand. I asked if it was okay to bring in alcohol and he still didn't understand. Finally I gave up and asked for tea. When I looked at the menu it did not match (in name or content) what was written on the blackboard menu in the restaurant. When the server got back to take my order I asked for boiled crawfish and he replied that they do not have crawfish (a big neon sign was flashing boiled crawfish in the window). So weird. I just excused myself and left. It seemed like maybe an ownership change to me. Anyway, I ended up at Adairs and had some good crawfish (FREE!!!) and a good time.

            1. re: missylee

              Yeah, I live around the corner; the only thing I have ever seen that is "Cajun" about that joint is the name on the sign.

              I am pretty sure those aren't real cajuns.

              1. re: Dallassooner

                I've NEVER had a problem going there. The owners are vietnamese, but are from New Orleans. We go there about once a week, and like i said..never ever had an issue with service or menu, as far as I know ownership has not changed.

                1. re: FoodieDiva

                  I did a little research. I wasn't aware of the large vietnamese population in N. O. I also learned that most have adopted the cajun style of cooking most seafood. I guess I just had a server that was new to the country (maybe a relative or something) and hadn't learned the language yet. I will try them again. I just wish the atmosphere was a little more "cajun" as well (they were playing 80's rock muscic) . I didn't mean to imply that the service was bad when I went. Everyone was super polite...just a language barrier.

                  1. re: missylee

                    danh từ - is the word for crawfish.


                    There is also a Crawfish Hut inside Saigon Mall (Jupiter and Belt Line) a few blocks south of Cajun Kitchen. They have crawfish and blue crabs steamed to order by the pound.



                    Shortly after the war many refugees fled to NO and Houston as both are port cities, both have very similar climates and the seafood was also an appeal.

                    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      I had totally forgotten about the crawfish hut! I have meant to go there for a long time...i think tommorow is going to be the day...thanks LH!

          2. Nate's on Midway and Belt Line, in Addison boils some pretty mean bugs, by the pound. Make sure and order the "Turbos" and dont forget the incredible garlic-butter soaked hushpuppies and bread! Last time I was there... about 3 weeks ago they were a bit on the small side, but they should be bigger now.

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            1. re: texasfoodie

              I think Nate's does a good job, but $5.99 a pound is kind of steep. He always seems to be about a $1 more than everyone else, but his place is full so I guess nobody minds.

              Pappadeux's is $3.99 on Mondays and Tuesdays I believe from 3 to close.

            2. I feel your pain. There are places in Florida we used to go that are just like what you grew up with. In my opinion they could use a good amount more Old Bay but Joe's Crab Shack actually has a decent pot with two kinds of crab, corn, sausage, shrimp and new potatoes. I don't think they have crawdads and the atmosphere is the national chain version of what you are looking for but when you have a craving they are decent.

              I love Dodies and Shuck N Jive as well and have had good food and a lot of fun at both but never tried either of their steamed pots if they even have them.