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Feb 24, 2009 01:21 PM

Staying out all night on Sat-looking for ideas

Foodies arriving in NOLA from rural LA on Sat night and we don't have hotel room.
Looking for places to spend the night until 5 in morning on Sunday, when we need to leave airport to go home.
Specifically, we are looking for:
a place for good leisurely dinner,
bar/restaurants with great jazz/blues/zydeco music into the morning,
place for breakfast before leaving airport,
and place to pick up a sandwich for plane.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Specifics are helpful as to what to order . Many thanks.

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  1. go to Jacques Imo's, then head next door to Maple Leaf.
    on way to airport, grab some brekkie at Fiesta Latino at 1924 Airline Hwy. it's a great little mexican/central american restaurant that is sure to please after pulling an all-nighter. be sure to get their horchata to rehydrate. they had po boys on their menu, so they can porobably do your lunch for the plane as well.

    Jacques-Imo's Cafe
    8324 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

    Fiesta Latina
    1924 Airline Dr, Kenner, LA 70062

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    1. re: edible complex

      Thanks EC!
      Do you have other suggestions as we are going to J' Imo earlier in week. Also, do you know when Maple leaf closes down approx and any good food options near there after?

      Another option was to go to Mid City Rock n Bowl and when it closes (don't know what time that wd be ) to get something to eat so if you have suggestions I would appreciate it much!

      1. re: dec111

        not that hip to what stays open late. believe Squeal on Oak St. stays open til 2am on weekends
        can't remember the last time i saw the stroke of midnight in a club, so have no idea on 24 hr eats. your best bet is probably in the Qtr.

        1. re: edible complex

          Music goes on until at least 3:00 AM at The Apple Barrel on Frenchman St on Saturday night. And isnt Mimi's in the Marigny open 24 hours on the weekends?

          1. re: Fydeaux

            Verti Mart is open 24hrs again. Is their kitchen open 24hr? I know its open late. Quartermaster deli is open late (24hrs??). Cafe du Monde is open 24/7/365. Angeli on Decatur is open late, St. Charles Tavern is open 24/7, Igors is open 24/7. FM patio bar is suppose to be great for late night drinks and so is Snake and Jakes, I have never been.

            Frenchmen street has a great music row that would surely be going until the early morning (3am at least).

            1. re: Fydeaux

              mimi's is not 24-hours, they open at 4pm. but they do stay open until EARLY on the weekends -- sun up, early. small tapas plates until 4ish.

              quarter master is 24-hours.

          2. re: dec111

            There is a taco truck on Frenchmen Street on weekends that is pretty tasty. Clover Grill in the quarter serves diner food 24 hrs a day (i'm 99% sure). I would try to be in the Marigny/FQ this late, rather than uptown, because you have a lot more options. Cafe du Monde is a great idea near the tail end of your night. Coop's on decatur serves food until 3am or so on the weekend (i think!) - at least 2am.

            1. re: nola17

              What great suggestions people have. Was thinking of going to midcity rock and bowl . show is at 9:30, but don't know when ends. any suggestions for food nearby to rock n bowl or shd we eat there? remember it will be one of our last meals in NOLA.
              many thanks!

              1. re: dec111

                I used to live in that neighborhood, but I don't remember any late-night places. If you want to eat before the show, go closer to the Canal/Carrollton intersection, where you can find, among other places, Juan's Flying Burrito for good, cheap Tex/Mex; a real Mexican restaurant a block or two farther down Carrollton; Venezia if you want old-school NOLA Italian; and Angelo Brocato's ice cream, which is a Mid-City institution. You can take the streetcar from the Quarter up Canal to Carrollton, but I would NOT recommend walking to Rock 'n' Bowl from that area. Yes, it's just a few blocks, but it's really not very safe.

                1. re: midcity

                  Recommending Venezia for the last meal! Are you crazy? That place is terrible.

                  1. re: lawstudent

                    I had a really good meal when I went there; I stand by my recommendation. But you're right that Frenchmen is more lively on a weekend than that area.

        2. Do Rock n Bowl another night. Do Frenchman St. and Mimi's for your all nighter. It will keep you busy and time will fly.

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