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Best Vietnamese food in Toronto?

jademonkey Feb 24, 2009 01:12 PM

I just got back from a month-long stay in Saigon. I ate homemade Viet food almost everyday, with the occasional local place thrown in. Coming back to Canada has made me extremely picky. I say no to a lot of foods I used to eat all of the time. I'm eating almost exclusively Asian foods. I know I'll get used to western fare again, but for the time being, I really need some good Vietnamese food.

Preferably on the more west and south of the city. So Bloor and down, please.

Specifically does anyone know where I can get a good seafood or vegetarian banh mi.

Also some vegetarian Bún bò Huế. I know it's a beef dish, but if I can get it veg. in Vietnam, I should be able to here, as well.

Not so into the pho, but more rice and veggies and fish and different noodles.

If anyone has suggestions, thank you so much!

Oh, also, where is the best sugarcane juice in Chinatown?

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    stonewall36 RE: jademonkey Feb 24, 2009 01:18 PM

    May be too basic for you, but I still like Pho Hung on Bloor across from Varsity Stadium. I don't get the Pho there though. There is better Pho on Spadina.

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      1sweetpea RE: stonewall36 Feb 24, 2009 02:53 PM

      For something a little different from the standard pho joints, I like Hanoi 3 Seasons, on Gerrard (at Broadview). I believe there's also a second location on Queen East. It's Northern Vietnamese, which results in some different flavours, particularly the use of fresh dill. Their Cha Ca La Vong (grilled grouper) on rice vermicelli noodles is really yummy. They'll make nearly all of their menu items vegetarian, too, which opens up a lot more options than at most other Vietnamese places.

      1. re: 1sweetpea
        The Funk Stop RE: 1sweetpea Sep 12, 2009 03:29 PM

        I agree that Hanoi 3 Seasons is one of the best places for Vietnamese food. I didn't realize that it was Northern Vietnamese food. I went to the Queen East location.
        If you go - I say definitely try the Spring Rolls - incredibly fresh. In general actually, the food is very fresh.


    2. aser RE: jademonkey Feb 24, 2009 07:47 PM

      You're in Toronto, not Saigon, you have to lower your expectations.

      I can't help you much as most of the best dishes for Viet in Toronto involve beef or pork. I assume you're a pescaterian...

      Mimi's makes a pretty good canh chua. Bun rieu ca is available at Pho LInh (certain days) and Pho My Duyen (if I recall correctly).

      Every bun bo hue I've come across in this city has a pig's knuckle in it, so no, not friendly to you.

      My fav places in your geographical boundaries are Pho My Duyen, Tien Thauh, Pho Pasteur (only their pho is good, so a pass for you), Pho Linh (banh cuon).

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      1. re: aser
        Sui_Mai RE: aser Feb 26, 2009 03:24 PM

        In the west and south end: Asia 21 King and Dufferin (for bun). and Golden Turtle on Oss (for pho).

      2. CaseyTea RE: jademonkey Sep 12, 2009 04:43 PM

        Pho Xe Lua, or Train, on Spadina, near Dundas is probably one of the best places to go for variety. They have pretty much everything, and everything is good!

        1. g
          grubgal RE: jademonkey Sep 22, 2009 05:17 PM

          Not too much onf an expert on Vietnamese cuisine but I love the food in Ginger on Yonge St - south of Yonge and Bloor. Great pho and great food...at great prices. Its always packed during lunch hours.

          1. Japhet RE: jademonkey Sep 23, 2009 02:02 AM

            It's in the east end a bit difficult to find if you're not a regular but it has the best pho in the city and their noodle dishes aren't bad either.


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            1. re: Japhet
              1sweetpea RE: Japhet Nov 23, 2009 10:10 AM

              Rose Cafe on Broadview, south of Gerrard does vegetarian/tofu banh mi. They had tuna salad, chicken salad and a variety of meat options.

              MiMi Gardens on Gerrard St. E. has a large number of seafood, fish and veggie options, ranging from dumpling soups, noodle soups, bun noodle combos, rolls, rice dishes and hot cooked dishes.

              Peach Gardens (a few locations) has a full vegetarian section on their menu. They use tofu and mock meats (gluten) in some dishes.

            2. Marimba RE: jademonkey Nov 23, 2009 10:22 AM

              Cafe 668 on Dundas West...vegetarian Vietnamese...Marimba!

              1. m
                maxecloe RE: jademonkey Oct 9, 2010 10:57 PM

                Pasteur is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto. The pho broth is very flavorful without being too oily. If you like things spicy.


                1. h
                  helenhelen RE: jademonkey Nov 8, 2010 04:47 PM

                  white lotus on ossington is vietnamese vegetarian. some of it is very good, others not so good or so-so. they have a big space in a bad location and i am just happy they exist at all (i'm vietnamese and miss certain dishes after i went vegetarian!).. so go and support so they don't go out of business. :)


                  someone below mentioned cafe 668, but while the owners are viet (probably chinese-viet), their food is not really traditional viet dishes.. i think they get experimental with it, and throw in some chinese influences. great food, but if you are craving a traditional dish, you won't find it here.

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