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Feb 24, 2009 01:04 PM

Would you have cooked this pork roast? I'm worried it's bad.

I bought a pork roast at the grocery store Friday, haven't gotten around to cooking it until today. It has a "sell by" date of Feb 25 (tomorrow). When I took it out, it didn't smell BAD, but it smelled a little more, well...porky than usual. I washed it and smelled it close and it no longer did, so I figured it was fine. But I'm doing the Marcella Hazan pork loin braised in milk recipe and I think I may smell a teensy bit of an off smell. Honestly, probably not because I think I'm being paranoid. What do you think? I seriously don't want to chuck it, but also don't want to risk food poisoning. What would you do if you were me?

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  1. Bad all the way. Please send to my address for dipsosal.

    Actually and assuming it was in the ref since Friday, it will be fine - especially if your are braising it. If it were bad, it would have smelled unmistakenly bad when you first smelled it.

    1. I think what you're smelling is the blood sitting in the packaging. But its certainly good, I've waited far longer than this date to eat pork roast, if it were bad you would know it, believe me. If it were me, this is what I'd do.
      Just rinse it off or pat it off, pat it dry, or pat it dry. Run a halved lemon over the outside of the meat, season or olive oil, and then season. Cook it as you normally would. It will be just fine,

      1. Paranoia has it's own smell
        sometimes like bad meat
        hold you're nose and eat
        you will be happy and well

        1. If the pork is bad, you won't have to question it! I bought some farmer style ribs at the grocery one time. Opened the package and PEE EWW

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            You guys rock! I'm almost done cooking it and made myself the royal taster before subjecting my family to it. It tasted great and so far I haven't vomited. That was about 10 minutes ago. Thanks for replying so quickly!

            1. re: vvv03

              I think you can stop watching the clock. Last month I had a small pork sirloin that I forgot about until a week past its use-by date. I was expecting to have to chuck it but when I opened it and sniffed, it seemed, as you say, a little strong but not spoiled. The color was fine, the surface a little slimy. I rinsed it and rather than my usual method of marinating the whole piece before roasting till the center still had a blush, I cut it into half-inch slices before marinating, then pan-sauteed them thoroughly. No ill effects.

          2. If pork is bad you'll know it and no amount of washing will make it smell better. It will still have an off to stinky smell.