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Feb 24, 2009 12:43 PM

Russian River Beer on the East Coast(NJ,PA,DC,MD)?

I have had the Pliny the Elder at a bar in Philadelphia but am hoping to find someone that carries it for me to take home. Any leads? I saw that Origlio in Philly is a distributor but then the trail is cold. Thanks ahead of time.

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  1. The only place on the East Coast to find RR is in southeast PA. I would call the distributor and ask them for accounts where you can buy the 500 ml bottles of Pliny.

    The better online beer stores (South Bay Drugs, Bottle Trek, and Liquid solutions) can not legally ship to MD or PA.

    Another option is to join Beer Advocate, if you have not done so already, and put an ISO post on their trading forum. There are plenty of people on the West Coast who want to trade Pliny bottles for Troegs, Souther Tier, Weyerbacher, etc.

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      Pliny the Elder is keg only in PA for now, no bottles. And Liquid Solutions does ship to PA, but they only have Damnation in stock at the moment.

    2. Thank you both...I will try beeradvocate and if I can't get anything there I will plant myself in PA for a week with a keg.

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        I have no idea how it works, but you can find a lot of beers that I didn't think were available in MD at Perfect Pour in Columbia. They have an incredible beer selection. Even if you can't find those, you'll find something worth drinking.

        1. re: JonParker

          I'm fortunate enough to have it on my route home from work so I've stopped in. It really is a great store with wonderful selection. Bell's (went in to DC for it) and Russian River (they said) do not distribute in MD. I walked out with a six-pack of Victory St Victorious on that day, so it was not a wasted trip!

      2. I have stumbled accross Pliny the Elder (and Pliny the Younger!!) on tap at the Greylodge just outside of Philly in the past. And I understand they tend to get kegs once a year (may be getting one soon. Check the upcomings on their webpage).

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        1. re: Insidious Rex

          Thanks! Heading up to Philly for the beer festival so if I'm pretty much guaranteed to find it there. I had the Elder at Tria and read about the Younger, sounds great. Wish I could find some to take home though. I'll take it where I can though.

          1. re: BaltoPhilFood

            Best bet for bottles is beer trades on Beeradvocate. Plenty of good beer on the East Coast that West coast people would love to trade some Pliny for. A Philly friend of mine just completed a trade of Troegs Nuggett Nector for some Pliny