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Feb 24, 2009 11:59 AM

Recommendation for 4 Girls on the Town in Vegas

I will be attending a conference in Vegas mid-month and my colleague and I are taking 2 clients out for dinner. We are all women in our early 30s and want to go somewhere fun that also has good food. I had wanted to try Simon's Kitchen in the Hard Rock, but found out that it has closed.
Any recommendations? We'd like to stay to about $100 pp.


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  1. Simon is now at Palms Place, right beside the Palms hotel.

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    1. re: ap616

      Lavo or Tao are fun too, if you want something with a more Vegas-y, clubby vibe. Both are at the Venetian (Lavo is in the Palazzo) and have pretty good food and cool atmosphere. The prices aren't outrageous and both have clubs upstairs, so you can get the club feel without actually having to go to a club. Since I'm not a fan of clubs, but prefer lounges, this is a perfect compromise for when I have friends come visit that want to do the whole Vegas crazy night out thing. The food at Lavo is mediterranean-inspired and Tao is Asian fushion and sushi. SImon at the Palms Place is good too, but a bit more out of the way and low key. If you do go there, you must try the crispy sesame rice! You could also think about Sushi Roku or Boa Steakhouse over in the Forum Shops at Caesars. Both have great food, drinks and atmosphere. Have fun!

      1. re: tear it up

        An added bonus for Tao is that it is not expensive, especially compared to Vegas. The lounge is great and it does combine the whole lounge, club, restaurant deal really well. Both Boa and Sushi Roku are solid, too.