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Feb 24, 2009 11:43 AM

Self catering - need snack idea for eluthera?

My husband and I are renting a cottage for a week in Eluthera in late March. Does anyone have any ideas for easy to make snacks and goodies to have on hand around the house tha? I will be bringing some dry goods from home (rice, pasta, beans) to keep grocery cost down but will be wanting to make tasty things with a limited pantry of spices, condiments and whatnot. We are not big meat eaters (except seafood) and just want things on hand for when we are spending the day at the beach outside the house. I'm thinking of making hummus, salsa, a bean or rice salad but others must have had the same problem. Any culinary inspirations out there much appreciated. The ability of the food item to soak up the rum will be taken into consideration!


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  1. deviled eggs

    trail mix (I make my own with pistachios, almonds, raisins & dried cherries and sprinkle with Togarashi & sea salt & shake it all up) - you can bring this with you, I always travel with it. It is very satisfying even if you are starving.