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Feb 24, 2009 11:13 AM

(frozen) Sour Cherries...

Has anyone seen these around? Anybody know of a good substitute, maybe canned?

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  1. You're looking for American pie cherries (Montmorency) rather than European morellos?

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      Thanks so much. Sour Cherry Brown Ale T-minus 14 days in the secondary!

      1. re: Adamsimpson

        Trader Joe's dried Montmorency cherries might be a good choice.

    2. And, if anyone would make a general guess, how much "intensity value" would a pound of canned fruit puree have versus a pound of frozen. I imagine, one can (16 oz.) would be as intense as 5 lbs of fresh or frozen fruit.

      Kind of a weird question, I know, but you get the idea...I hope.

      1. I see them around a lot--but it probably won't help you unless you (or someone you know) are traveling to the Pacific Northwest. I've made pies from these and they're very good.

        These are just cherries, no sugar or thickeners. Be sure to check the labels--a lot of the canned cherries I've seen are sweetened and thickened. That's okay for pie, I imagine (although I prefer to do it myself), but not something you'd want in your ale!

        1. Where are you located? I know that HyVee stores in the Quad Cities (IA) carry them, an unsweetened brand from Washington State, so I imagine other bigger supermarkets (bigger than the ones in NYC) should have them.

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