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Feb 24, 2009 10:56 AM

Hoboken Resto Reccs Please - moved from Outer Boroughs board

We're all 30. There may be one chold under the age of 1 with us. We dont want anything stuffy or $$$, but good. We can deal with American type food or Italian. We also need a place that accepts reservations. Thanks!!!!!

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  1. Sorry but Hoboken has been denied admission to NYC.

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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      Last time I checked Hoboken was still in NJ :)

      1. re: cheesecake17

        Clearly a mistake...I meant to post in here. thanks

    2. I lived in Hoboken for a few years, and I am sorry to say, but I am really struggling to come up with a recco for you!
      I was more than disappointed with the dining establishments of a city renowned for it's "Italian-ness"
      Augustino's is meant to be the best Italian by far, but I have never tried it. (I popped in once to see a menu - the menu was bland and average, but it did smell REALLY good in there!) Decor was bla too.
      We always enjoyed Madisons - pretty decent American food, very good drinks..Thier Brunch buffet is well above average.
      Here are all of the Italian and American spots in Hoboken - if you have any questions - just ask.

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      1. re: NellyNel

        trust me, i would rather NOT go to Hoboken, but Im trying to accomodate my friends who think manhattan is a third world country...Ugh! :)
        Madisons was my frist thought, but it seems we're having dinner the same day as the St Patt's Day Parade and they are NOT taking resies that day.

        1. re: italianagambino

          If you are going to be here on March 7th, I would change the day you come to Hoboken. The town is a mess of nothing but 20 something drunks from all over coming in town to drink and throw up on the streets.

          I would suggest Leo's Grandview for a group, the Italian is decent, but it's a fun place. Augustino's is really good, one of the better meals I have had in Hoboken.

          Honestly, the food here is not that good, if I ever want a really good meal I do one of two things, take the PATH to NYC or go to the airport and fly home to New Orleans.

          1. re: roro1831

            i am moving it..didnt realize until i was getting rejected when making resies. May go to weehawken or edgewater.
            I live in Manhattan but cant get my friends into Manhattan. I would rather not leave NY to go to NJ and eat...ha

            1. re: italianagambino

              What are they - nuts???

              Besides the fact that the food in Hoboken for the most part - stinks -
              NYC is so close and so easy to get into with the PATH????
              You don't even have to drive!!
              Oh brother!

                1. re: italianagambino


                  Sorry about that!

                  Where were you thinking of going in Weehawken or Edgewater?
                  We've been to Ruth Chris - which was really over-rated and VERY expensive (read: DON"T GO THERE!!)
                  and PF Changs - which my stepson LOVES.... but yuck on a Sat. night!
                  I know there are a few places but not too sure...???

          2. re: italianagambino

            Do you mean on the day that HOBOKEN has the St. Pats Parade?

            Because If you do - you really need to reconsider your plans.
            I would HIGHLY discourage you going anywhere near Hoboken that day.

            People start to line up at the bars by 9:00am, and by dinner time things will be UGLY.
            The crowds spill onto the streets and you cannot avoid them.
            It's almost a guarantee you will see someone puke and pee in the street.

            Unless this is your idea of entertainment - then change your plans - and especially if you'll have a child with your group.

            Have you considered Jersey City?

            1. re: NellyNel

              Jersey City has some good food, I'd consider that as well

        2. I used to live in Hoboken ...and DO NOT go anywhere near Hoboken on that Saturday.....if you have a car try edgewater .....its not far just past port imperial on river road ....there is a pretty good italian place : La Vecchia Napoli ...BYOB ....small and humble but pretty decent italian food.

          La Vecchia Napoli

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          1. re: JOURDAN21

            Thanks for that link - the place looks interesting!
            I have a question though - you say it's a BYOB - but the web-site shows a wine list (and photos of the bar)

          2. I had a good meal at Elysian Cafe in Hoboken. This was a couple of years ago, but we thought the place was charming. Had a delicious asparagus soup.