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Burrata cheese in OC?

We recently went to Barolo by the Sea on Balboa Island and tasted Burrata cheese for the first time. It was beyond fabulous. Where can I buy the rich, creamy kind of Burrata cheese in Orange County? I live near Irvine. I don't want just ANY kind; I'm looking for the BEST!

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    1. You can find it at Wholefoods and Sapphire pantry in Laguna.

      1. Wholefoods and Bristol Farms has it!

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          I had tried it from Claro's, Trader Joes and Bristol Farms. Bristol Farms wins hands down.

        2. Gelson's has been carrying it for over a year or so too - I actually like theirs better than Bristol Farms & think you get more for your money. Just be sure and check the dates where ever you buy it - nothing more disappointing than a past it's sell-by Burrata...

          1. Claro's carries Belgioso brand burrata, I think.

            Does anyone know where to get Gioia in OC?

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                Thanks! Too bad no more MV location, but NB will do.

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                  Didn't know the MV location closed. When did that happen?

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                    Very very recently... last week? Might have been the week before.