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Feb 24, 2009 10:41 AM

Gioia Cheese Co/So El Monte

I am looking a rich, creamy Burrata cheese and found this place online. Is it fabulous Burrata or just okay? Also, if I drive an hour to get there, do you know of any good places for lunch near there? Mexican food?

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  1. Read up on the cheesemaker beforehand -- he brought burrata to the U.S. and supplies most of the top restaurants, so it doesn't sound like you're going to do much better in this country.
    I'm sure there's some good Mexican too but pho seems to be the specialty of South El Monte. Here's one suggestion.

    Pho Minh
    9646 Garvey Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

    1. gioia burrata is very very good. mind you, they are only open M-F for walk in's.

      1. Tito's Market
        (626) 579-1893
        9814 Garvey Ave # 15
        South El Monte, CA 91733

        Favorites: milanesa sandwiches & empanadas

        1. Gioia burrata is undoubtedly what you had at the restaurant in Newport Beach (other post).

          As for nearby Mexican, only the king of shrimp tacos (and pretty damn good fish tacos too).

          El Taco Nazo
          9516 Garvey Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

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            Also, Omana's (corner of Rush St. & Central) and Villa Tepyac (corner of Merced and Rush)

          2. I read somewhere, possibly LA Magazine, that this is what Mozza serves. Regardless, it is absolutely fantastic with just some basil and fresh heirloom tomato. The quality of tomato is important so you'll probably have to wait until summer to get the full picture.