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Feb 24, 2009 10:33 AM

fish substitute for fried scallops

I've had fried "scallop" nuggets with tartar sauce at a kosher hotel. I believe they used Halibut but when I tried it at home, we didn't like the Halibut. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Scallops have been "counterfeited" with less costly skate, ray, and shark meat, punched into circles. I don't know of a "legitimate" substitute, but clearly some people fell for this ruse, so maybe they are not that bad. But they should be priced for what they are.

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      Considering none of those fish are kosher, I don't think it was any of them at a kosher hotel.

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        sorry, I eat seafood 4x a week. I love fresh and eat fresh. Nothing could be substituted to me. Cod or Halibut it the most likely if anything.

      2. What you probably had were the Cheeks of the halibut. They are round and flat, I would describe them as the fish version of the "Oyster" on a chicken thigh.

        Any fish cheek can resemble a scallop however the Halibut has the size as well.

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          Good point, oinly had them once, similar but still the taste much different.

        2. What about tilefish?

          1. Try the worthington vegetable skallops. The YU cafeteria used to serve them for many years in the 90's on Tuesdays for lunch and they were quite popular.

            They are certified by the OK but are either Dairy equipment or Dairy.

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              Been looking for Halibut Cheeks with no luck :-(

              1. re: sig

                ask your fish monger if he has any halibutu heads..

                1. re: KosherChef

                  He said he doesn't get the heads.