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Feb 24, 2009 10:33 AM

Dinner place for parents?

My parents will be visiting this weekend, and I'm looking for a place to take them to dinner on Saturday night. I'd prefer it to be in the West Village, SoHo, Chelsea, or somewhere else downtown, and not too expensive. I'm thinking entrees around the $20 mark, or a prix-fixe for $25-$30.

No restrictions on cuisine, but good Italian is always welcome.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Roberto Passon (Italian), in Clinton, is an incredibly good value. Restaurants downtown will probably be pricey. In the Village, there's Babbo, terrific place but not cheap.

    Check out and see if you like the menu.

    1. My picks would be Aurora Soho (accepts reservations) or Blue Ribbon Bakery (does not accept reservations for party of 4 or under).

      1. Da Andrea is always a great bet. Fantastic grill calamari, house-made papardelle...good stuff. And really good prices.

        They just moved to their new space on 13th between 5th/16th aves, but I have not been to the location yet.

          1. Agree with malibu on Aurora Soho.Very good food at a reasonable price.If i remember correctly,decor isn't overly plush,brick walls ,wood tables/chairs,but comfortable.Keeping with Italian spots,I like Gonzo(W 13th/6th&7th),Antica Venezia but it's in the far West Village(West St/10th st).Otto(5thAve/8th?).One of my new favorites is Giorgio's of Gramercy(21st/btwn Park Ave and Bdwy).All are reasonably priced for NYC. Otto is mainly small plates and the tab can add up if you're not careful.