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Feb 24, 2009 10:31 AM

Please recommend a good dry white wine to cook with

The ones I've used before are ones that I received as gifts and unfortunately, my supply has run out. I would prefer one that is not too expensive and can be found either at Trader Joe's or a regular grocery store. I know that you should always use a good quality one that you would also drink on its own, but I don't really drink wine at all so obviously it's hard for me to pick one out using this as a gauge.

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  1. I keep a bottle of dry vermouth in the cupboard for the times I need dry white wine for cooking. I don't drink white wine, so I don't just have a bottle sitting around waiting for the right meal. Vermouth doesn't go "off" and I think it lends a lovely flavor to all my cooking.

    1. We are red wine drinkers at my house and rarely have white around. I usually keep around though one of the little 4 packs of Pinot Grigio. I think the bottles are probably 8 or 10 oz and that generally works perfectly for a pan sauce. That way I'm not opening a large bottle.

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        What a great idea!! I always have a bottle of dry vermouth in the pantry specifically for dry martinis and the odd cooking ingredient but I'm definitely going to look for those 4 packs now.

      2. I usually use two buck chuck for cooking. Go directly to your nearest Trader Joe's. I don't drink it, but, I guess I COULD. Plenty of other ppl do. It's pretty flat tasting, but it's not like it's horrible.

        1. Others will squeal that you shouldn't cook with a wine you wouldn't drink, but I believe Charles Shaw wines ($2/bottle at TJ's) are ideal for cooking.

          Don't keep 'em sitting around open in the cupboard, though; they'll go south fairly quickly. I like to boil the wine down until it's reduced by 3/4 or so, then pour it into an ice cube tray, freeze, and store the "wine cubes" in a zip-top bag.

          1. I always use dry vermouth. Always. It keeps for a long time, doesn't require refrigeration, and is neither too sweet or heavy like some whites.