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Feb 24, 2009 10:24 AM

Lyon for 3 nights-where to eat

We will be in Lyon for 3 nights. Would like to try bistro type meals (bouchons) in the 35-50 euro bracket. What do you suggest? Will be staying near Place Bellecour but can travel to other neighborhoods. A friend recommended the following: Can anyone comment on these;
Daniel et de Nise
Le Garet
Also interested in other food related experiences while in Lyon. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Sorry, have never dined at any of the places that you mention, altho I have been to Lyon MANY times. It is my favorite city. Places I favor include Leon de Lyon (now a brasserie), Bouchon des Vins, Bistrot de Lyon, La Voute, Le Splendid, Comptoir du Boeuf. With the exception of Le Splendid, all are located in the downtown area.

    If you search this forum, however, you will find a multitude of similar questions to yours. I recommend it.

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      I love Lyon too. There is a restaurant I went to - I think it is on rue Arbre Sec which has great food. It has a modern entry way that opens into a lovely large restaurant that is decorate like an old library/club. Do you know which one I m referring to.

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        I'm not familiar with that street. Where is it located?

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          Near the opera house. There are tons of great restaurants on this street.

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          Unless I am mistaken, Rue d'Arbre Sec is a short street of about 3 blocks that comes off of Rue de la Republique and Edourd Herriot and ends almost on the water (the Rhone River). There are several other restaurants and some fast food/sandwich places on that street and the one that I ate at about 3 years ago was called something like "le Caro de Lyon." It was large, nice inside, but a a bit dimly lit. I had their fixed meal which was a Lyonnaise salad, Quenelles, and I believe Profiteroles for dessert. All was competently prepared and the price was reasonable. Not a meal to die for, but certainly with a good price to value relationship.

          Addendum: Le Caro de Lyon is on the next street, Rue Bat d'Argent -- but it sounds like it might still be the one you were asking about.

      2. I'm just back from the food festival in Deauville called OFF4 and my firm resolution is to next time I'm in Lyon to Katsumi Ishida's "En Mets fais ce qu’il te plaît". He's an extraordinary chef in a simple location and setting, focused on wonderful ingredients and perfect execution, yet not academic in any way. Exciting chef, really.

        Tasting menu on friday nights is 46€, 36 the rest of the week, lunch is 23€. And the guy is coached by the best small winemakers all around. Seriously. Go.

        1. Le Garet is a very good and authentic bouchon (as of my last meal there two years ago). As with all the true bouchons, reservations (that morning or a day in advance) are mandatory if you want to be sure of getting a table.


          1. I agree with the recommendation of La Voute (Chez Lea). It is reliable for many of the lyonnaise classics: cardoons with marrow, tablier du sapeur, etc. The current owner and her husband bought the place from La Mere Lea about thirty years ago, making this one of the most authentic remaining connections to "les meres lyonnaises."

            For an informal meal, consider Chez Georges near the Perrache train station. The food is run of the mill brasserie, but there's a fair amount of 50's atmosphere and an interesting decor. At one time, this was reputed to be the largest restaurant in France.


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              imho possibly the only reason to dine at Chez Georges is that it's about the only place I know of in Lyon that serves "early" dinner.

            2. Thank you. Where is La Voute (address and phone number) and how are the prices.

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                It's a bit tricky to find. I have the address at home and will post it later. Prices are very reasonable.

                You will want to be sure to get up early and take in the daily market that runs along the Saone river. If you get there REALLY early, you may even see Bocuse. The chefs shop there and breakfast nearbny.

                Les Halles, over near the Part-Dieu train station, is also a must-visit. Be sure to sample some of the superior cheeses (esp the St. Marcellin) of the legendary Renee Richard.