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Feb 24, 2009 09:53 AM

Flip: The New Burger Joint?

Hidden in the men's dept. of Bloomies, not unlike the elusive Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien Hotel lobby (but even harder to find), is Flip, the latest LaFrieda supplied burger church. For a place that opened yesterday, they really had their $%&%# together. Choice of meat blend supplied by Pat (e.g wagyu, short rib or brisket), choice of bun (e.g brioche, onion brioche, rye bread), choice of topping (e.g caramalized onions, pesto, tapenade) and choice of cheese(e.g swiss, cheddar, blue, feta). To drink a choice of thick chocolate malt, wine, beer or soda. Choice of fries cut (e.g. thin, steak or chubby crinkle cut) with any sauce on top. My buddy and I both went with the short rib blend, plain brioche and swiss. I added caramalized onions, he had the bbq sauce. I had the thick chocolate malt and, my buddy hailing from Buffalo, we shared the chubby fries covered in buffalo wing sauce. The burgers were great, naturally, cooked to perfect temperature. The buns nothing special but served their purpose. Nice cheese coverage. The malt was on the thick side for me (I prefer fully aerated but that's a matter of taste) but it was tall (hold the whipped cream next time). The buffalo wing sauced crinkle cut fries were an inspiration. Great service, cool place, plenty of seats and no line (yet). Try it... you'll flip for Flip. I would note that the bill came to about $56 for both of us with tip. For a cheaper no frills experience and similar burger, I'd recommend City Burger on 39th and Bway.

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  1. Good tip. Thanks. It's been ages since I stepped into Bloomingdales, or any other department store for that matter. This sounds like something that's going to change that and, perhaps, even get me to accompany my wife during one of her shopping day as now I will have a place where I can hang out and wait.

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      Speaking of Dept stores, the lunch i had at Bergdorf was very good

    2. Sounds great. Is this at Bloomie's on 59th St? Thanks.

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        Yes, it is. Serious Eats did a comprehensive post on Flip here ->

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            Isen't Flip Richard from season 4 of TopChef new adventure?

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              Richard does have one in Atlanta, but I don't think these two are correlated. It's odd because when he opened his burger place in Atlanta there was a lot of talk about one coming to NY, yet this other burger place called Flip just shows up? The menu's are really different though, and I'd have to imagine his name would be mentioned somewhere in the press releases.

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                No relation to Richard Blaise's place in Atlanta except same name and concept (!?)

      2. flip was really good. the chubby fries (crinkle cut) are the best. There are a lot of combinations to choose from. Next time I will have the lamb burger. Had a taste of a friends. It was delicious, perhaps with feta. I would say hurry and go before the word really gets out. It is not so easy to find in the building but worth the hunt.

        1. Super downhill alert. I went near closing time with my daughter. The burger was an overcooked hockey puck and the fries were worse than Ore Ida's.