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Feb 24, 2009 09:37 AM

Best Latin (or Spanish) Restaurant in MD Burbs

That would be the relatively new Aroma in Olney, which heretofore had only one arguably outstanding restaurant (Mannequin Pis). The food is mostly Peruvian. I think Aroma is better than the Canelas in Rockville and Gaithersburg, or the various Spanish restaurants for that matter. Great ceviches, tapas, drinks and entrees. Even the superb desserts are freshly made by the chef in-house.
The food is fresh, well-seasoned and properly cooked. I have had the Lomo Saltado, Arroz con Marisico and Peruvian Chicken. All were the best versions I have ever had in the DC area.
Even better, on Mondays you can get any of 10 entrees, ordinarily priced between $17 and $20, for $10. I think that "Entertainment Book" you can buy has a 2-for-1 coupon as well. Lunch is cheaper.
It also has an extensive list of list of inexpensive Latin American wines ($20-$35). There is also a half-price wine night.
The place is relatively small, with a small bar and about 20 tables, but it's very clean and the decor is sleek and modern. (They will turn down the piped-in Latino music if you ask,)

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  1. They are in the old Bella Nolte space aren't they?

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      Yes, though for some reason the space seems smaller. Since I was only in Bella once, perhaps I don't remember it well. Unfortunately, the location is kind of obscure, even though right on Georgia Avenue. I'm spreading the word to help it stay open - I think it's really good. But it seemed pretty busy when I have been there. The chef is Peruvian Javier Angeles-Beron - when he left Ceviche, it went downhill.
      The website and menus (note the wine list on the website does not show all the actual offerings - half price on Tuesdays):