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Feb 24, 2009 09:30 AM

Manchego - Santa Monica

Anyone been to this new place on Main street? feedback?

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  1. Small place, small menu of a few tapas and bocadillos. The gazpacho was enjoyable and the bocadillo I had, with assorted Spanish meats, was good but not worth a special trip. Service was polite but lackluster--can't imagine how they cope when the place is crowded. If you are in the area it might be worth trying but the wine bar in the Edgemar Complex across the street is a better bet.

    1. I dropped by a couple months ago. The tapas were very tasty, service was good, but the place was deserted. No liquor license as of when I went; perhaps they've fixed that. If you don't mind dropping $20 for a small dinner, then it's worth going by.

      I'm not sure they have an actual stove/oven in back -- we noticed everything on the menu could be prepared with a toaster oven.

      1. I was there last month. Small restaurant. You can bring your own wine for no corkage fee. Food was tasty but not great. My two friends and I had the sampler platter (cheese, meats, gazpacho, hummus). It was a really big portion and we couldn't finish half of it so felt wasteful. We also got the turkey sandwich which was pretty tasty. The man who helped us who seemed to be the owner brought us out hummus and pita to start and a warm chocolate cake at the end for free. It was very kind. It's a cozy neighborhood joint but nothing to rush to