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Feb 24, 2009 08:45 AM

Looking for a great meal in Burlington, NJ

Post a few restaurants for me to check out.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Birches is supposed to be very good, but I've read some not so good things about the place here:
    I've heard good things about Cafe Gallery:
    Blue Claw Seafood is very well regarded in the area:
    For diners, you have Dolphin Diner:
    I've been to Casamari - it's pretty good, but I think it's hyped a bit:

    Hope this helps.

    - John

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    1. re: johnandlisa

      There is nothing at all romantic about Blue Claw, but they do have great seafood.

      Cafe Gallery is very over rated in my opinion. Haven't tried Birches or Casamari. -mJ

    2. My sister and BIL went to Birches for VD and said it was absolutely the most horrendous meal and the worst experience they have ever had in a restaurant. They did say that they had good service and the interior was pretty. That's the only good thing they had to say. If you search the Mid-Atlantic board, you will see my review from 2 weeks ago. Cafe Gallery is truly mediocre, but with a great view. Frankly, I think you are sorely out of luck in Burlington. I don't know anything about Blue Claw or the diner mentioned above. I've been to Casamari, but cannot recommend it . I have heard from numerous people that a place called Amy's Omelettes is very good for breakfast. Sorry...