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Feb 24, 2009 08:39 AM

Best Home Fries in Philly

Hey all,

I'm looking for the best home fries in Philly or Delaware County. Does anyone have any suggestions for home fries that made a particularly good impression? I specifically don't like the shredded kind, so if you have any insight into wedged or sliced that would be great.


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  1. My secret tech from my mom and grandmother is corn. Tastes so good tossed in there at the last minute. Oh, and onions. Green peppers if you feel like it. I like the home fries at the star diner in Lansdale but that is a bit of a hike from Philly.

    1. I just read a great review for Teri's on Passyunk. I haven't had a chance to try them yet..but this link makes me want to go this weekend.

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        I went, homefries are just awful. Omlette was decent. Atmosphere was sketchy.

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          They are pretty good at the Dutch Eating Place and Morning Glory but absolutely pitiful at the Down Home Diner at Reading Terminal. But admittedly this is outside of my area of expertise, so take my advice with a grain of salt...

      2. It never ceases to amaze me how many restaurants put zero effort into home fries, serving them unseasoned and tasteless. C'mon people-- at least a little S&P, please!

        I did have brunch at South Philly Tap Room this past weekend and thought they did a good job with their home fries-- not good enough to make a special trip for them, but a stand out for the meal.

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          Yes, I agree! Home fries make or break a meal for me. You can have a terrific omelet, but if there aren't good potatoes on the side it seems like a waste.

          Thanks for your suggestions guys, keep it up if possible!

        2. I have to admit that home fries are a particular guilty pleasure of mine. I can pass on french fries, but if I see home fries on a menu, I will order them. I also prefer sliced potatos over shredded ones.

          Many many years ago there was a chain of greasy spoon type eateries in the center city Philly area called Dewey's. Within the confines of center city, there probably were about 5-6 of them. The food was very greasy but they made killer home fries. I mean to die for. There were times that I would leave for work early, stop by a Dewey's and just get an order of home fries to go. Oh, I can almost taste them right now. They were the best home fries I have ever had, and I doubt that I will ever find any to top them.

          I am always looking for a new place to try home fries. I hope someone posts here about a good place to go within a reasonable distance from me.

          1. Update: I went to Marathon Grill today in UCity and had their home fries. They were the sliced kind, and were actually quite good. They were cooked well but could have been just a little crispier on the outside. Also they needed more seasoning.

            Other than that, quite good comparatively.

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              Yeah, Marathon does many things very blandly but gets a few things very right, notably home fries and bloody marys.