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Feb 24, 2009 08:37 AM

Free Sub at Quiznos..

Here is the link for the free sub from Quiznos..
They are giving away a million subs..fill out and print the coupon.
Free lunch is hard to beat!

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  1. Phooey. US residents only. Well, that tears it - it's back to Mr. Sub for me!

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    1. Went and had my FREE sub which they still have a half million subs to giveaway..
      Sub was excellent and normally would of been $5 but it was comped and delicious.
      Turkey and Swiss on toasted wheat bread..

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Did you have a choice of any sub? (Thanks for post this, by the way)

        1. re: Glencora

          It was anything off the Signature Classic Menu but not on the Premium Menu..or the sandwich of the day..
          Lots to choose from..
          Let us know if you went's key to sign up and have the coupon in your e-mail and you can choose at your leisure, when to go..bring your photo id

      2. My first thought was, "Hey, free lunch!" Then I looked at the website and saw that registering was giving consent to be added to their marketing database. I didn't feel that 1 Quizno's sandwich was worth getting even more junk e-mail than I already do.

        It may be worth it to some people. That's fine. Just be aware of what you're agreeing to.

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        1. re: rockycat

          That's why I have a 'junk' email address at Gmail that I use for stuff like this - I just empty it out every couple of weeks and keep my really email for the important things.

        2. I signed up yesterday - still no response about 18 hours later... Guess they've given away 1,000,000?

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          1. re: deibu

            I signed up yesterday as well, no response, but when i checked my email this morning i had some spam that was the reply from Quizno's. It had a link to get your coupon and when it opened they had already given away the 1 million subs

          2. Thanks for the link. The offer was valid for me.

            It was my first quizno's sandwich in a long time. Now, given that the sandwich is free, I don't mean to complain, but the small did seem a little small--and they are starting to rival subway's for offering 'lean' (i.e., somewhat skimpy) meat portions. I ordered it as a takeout, and the sandwich was lukewarm and mildly tasty by the time I got it home.

            One bonus of purchasing the sandwich is that you can load up on the toppings, like pepperoncinis and especially the horseradish sauce--which gives you a nice and spicy but sweet kick.

            Personally, I think the mediums are totally worth it, but the smalls seem more like a snack than a sub...