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Feb 24, 2009 08:20 AM

Let the good times roll - what are you making for Fat Tuesday?

I know I'm making some maque choux

I need inspiration for something else. Not in the mood for gumbo. What else?

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  1. I'm making jambalaya and a side dish of fresh green beans, blanched and tossed in a remoulade sauce. It was listed along with a jambalaya recipe on Allrecipes. It looks to be a simple side dish. Any recs for jambalaya? Oh and I'm planning to use smoked sausage and shrimp as the meats in the jambalaya

    1. Leftover red beans & brown basmati rice from Monday.

      1. I'm going to a party and bringing king cake but started it yesterday. The menu is seafood souffle and dessert crepes that my friend is making.

        1. Keepin' it simple -- chicken gumbo on rice.

          1. I'm actually committing total sacrilege and having my Mardi Gras party on this coming Sat night... it's Maine, so nobody knows any better. I'm having chicken and tasso jambalya (Paul Prudhomme's), hush puppies, creole coleslaw, and King Cake (Southern Living recipe- the best). Plus lots of PBR, which is the closest thing I can find to Dixie beer, my old Nola fave.