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Feb 24, 2009 07:31 AM

Good seafood lunch spot-Jekyll/Brunswick/St. Simons area?

I'll be in Jekyll Island for a wedding this weekend and am looking for some seafood lunch spots in the Jekell/Brunswick/Saint Simons area. Not interested in Gourmet Captin D's variety but some good fresh seafood. Thanks!

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  1. There is a great seafood place in Darien just north of Brunswick called Skipper's. It is well worth the drive!! It is right on the water and you can sit outside if it is warm. They have different menus for lunch and dinner. Also, out that way is Mud Cat Charlies. It is very basic (eat on paper plates) but the food is great! They focus on the food not the decor. It is right on the water! Great view!
    Also, Barbara Jeans on St. Simon's has awesome crab cakes and she crab soup. This is a great pick if you have people in your group that don't want seafood because they also serve southern favorites such as veggie plates and pecan crusted chicken fingers.
    A lot of people love Crab Daddy's and Crab Trap on St. Simons Island. The Sand Castle grill in the village area on St. Simons is great for lunch. Their shrimp salad is awesome!

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      All these recs sound great, thanks so much for your help!

    2. Assuming you'll be at or near the Jekyll Island Hotel, there is a lunch spot right on the pier by the hotel that has decent fresh shell fish and you can sit outside and have a beer if the weather is nice. Forgot the name but it's the only spot there. Otherwise, shy away from the Captain Blackjack spots on the island and hit southern belle's recs instead.

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        If you go all the way to Darien go to B&Js best quality & price. St Simons for lunch Gnats Landing or Catch 227.

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          What do you get at Gnat's? I never found it all that great. although I love the staff, the burger and sometimes the special - never found their seafood options all that special.

          I love Catch 227 and all the things they do with oysters and other great fresh seafood. I had some amazing fresh triple tail the last time I ate there. Caveat: Eddie is a friend of mine but I always pay for my meals, drinks, etc. there.

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            GGnat's is not your best seafood, but at lunch on a saturday your options are very limited for decent seafood on SSI. It is a fun place & I would recomend blackened scallops on slaw or a shrimp bowl. Coming from Jekyll I would recomend the slightly further drive to Darien and B&Js.

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          about the spot near the jeckyll island club - there are 2 spots. the REALLY divey one that's only outside and at the really far edge of the pier and the inside/outside place that's so close you think they're connected. eat at the really divey one. it's great! the other is "eh". otherwise of the restaurants at the club i think the one at crane cottage was more interesting for lunch.

        3. If you're still looking for a great lunch, try Cargo Portside Grill in Brunswick. New owners are from Christie's which closed and would have been my hands down recommendation if they were still open. Many of Christie's dishes seem to be showing up at Cargo including their unbelievable macaroni and cheese. Portside is definitely more of a restaurant than a seafood shack but I can vouch for their flounder and oysters. Quality of all their ingredients is first rate. Open for lunch Tues-Fri, website is

          1. Thanks to all for the great recs, after a heavy night of drinking on Friday we opted for the short walk to the "Rah Bar" on the pier by our hotel for lunch on Saturday. Rah Bar is located on the same pier as "Latitude 31" and most of the seating is outoors although you can sit inside at the bar.

            Their menu consisted of a low country boil with crab legs, shrimp, crawfish, potatos and sausage. They also had oysters by the dozen (steamed or raw) and shrimp and crawfish by the pound. I saw a barbeque sandwich on the menu but I was definitely going for their seafood options!!!!

            We opted for the a dozen raw oysters and low country boil for one. The oysters were huge and were very fresh. I passed several oyster reefs when kayayinkg earlier that day and the server told me they were harvested from the waters close to the hotel. The low country boil was delicious as well, everything seemed really fresh and was wells seasoned. The boil was served with cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and this very tasty dipping sauce that reminded me a vinigar based buffalo sauce. Sounds weird I know but trust me it was good, everyone at the wedding who ate at the "Rah Bar" raved about it.

            Ambience was great, able to view the water from just about everyone we sat. "Latitude 31" the restaurant just inside has a wider variety but is much more expensive and per some of the wedding party not nearly as good or fresh as "Rah Bar". If you're in Jekyll Island I would definately recommend. They sevre all day from 11-11!

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              exactly how we felt when my brother's wedding was there but i couldn't remember the names in my post above. glad you enjoyed! it was a lovely place for a wedding!