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Corton or Eleven Madison Park?

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Will be in NYC in late March with another couple and am looking for a memorable dinner for 4 people for Saturday night. We're all from San Francisco and eat out frequently at all the "top" restaurants in our city. We love good food and wine. I've narrowed it to these 2 restaurants and am wondering what you think would be the most delicious. We are familiar with Daniel Humm's food and loved it when he was the chef in at Campton Place in SF so was excited to read about EMP. Thanks!

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  1. For me its Corton by a country mile. Much more interesting food better prepared in a better looking room.

    1. both very good. EMP is generally more accessible. both the food and room are a bit more inviting. Corton is definitely more inventive, but that may not be your thing. regarding the rooms, I have to disagree with brooklyndude. EMP has a great room, a really classic Manhattan feel with huge windows and ceilings. Corton is smaller, minimalist and IMO somewhat cold. that said, you'll get an excellent meal at both.

      1. With your requirments of 4 people and memorable my vote goes for EMP without a second thought.

        1. I think EMP could give you a more memorable experience, if anything a "grand" one. Corton is a more intimate, classy, but nonetheless their dishes deliver great experiences.

          There are more choices at EMP as well, and the service is so spot on it could overwhelm.

          1. EMP. I can see some people not really appreciating Corton as it may be too "out there" for them. And I think EMP's dining room is more welcoming as Corton's dining room can be viewed as stark. And there are a lot of more choices available at EMP over Corton. But if you guys are into more experimentation, perhaps Corton would be a better choice for you.

            1. EMP is absolutely flawless IMO. Please see my review for reference and reading.

              1. We've never been to Campton Place. However, it's a good be that the cuisine Chef Humm is creating now far surpasses what he was serving there because since arriving at EMP more than two years ago, his cuisine here has continued to evolve, and get better and better. It truly is quite sensational! So, if you loved his food at Campton Place, you will swoon over what he is serving at EMP.

                In addition, EMP won last year's James Beard Award for the superb wine program headed by Sommelier John Ragan, who does the most masterful job with wine pairings. Then there is the highly touted Danny Meyer-style hospitality, i.e, service that welcoming, friendly, and polished. Last, but definitely not least, there is the strikingly gorgeous space.

                We've yet to go to Corton, and based on all reports, it will surely provide a fine dining experience. But EMP is our favorite NYC restaurant, and I highly recommend.