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Feb 24, 2009 07:07 AM

Fall-off-the-bone Pork Ribs in New Haven County?

Can anyone recommend a truly good place for pork ribs in New Haven County? Sit down or take-out-only is fine.

We like Johnny's in Stratford on Honeyspot Road (a dive where you used to only be able to get ribs on Thursday nights and only if you placed your order in advance by calling the secret phone number to the payphone on the wall--I've since heard that now you can get their ribs every night of the week and that they finally bought a real phone with a published number!--they also make a mean swordfish). And Ash Creek Saloon in Black Rock (Bridgeport). And, we used to get good takeout ribs at a wing place (of all places; it wasn't a chain at the time) on the post road in West Haven years ago but it has changed hands a million times and no longer does the ribs. Then, I had incredible ribs at this place in Orange where Mai Thai now is, but that disappeared too.

BUT. . . any place in New Haven County? Not a fan of Rib House in East Haven (although I like their onion brick). They must fall off the bone!

Sorry if I missed a thread, but I searched first and only found generic BBQ threads. I'm speaking specifically about pork ribs here.

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  1. Uncle Willie's
    1302 Whalley Avenue
    New Haven, CT 06515

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    1. re: EastRocker

      I'm not a fan, but I must admit that I only went to their West Haven location years ago, which has since closed down.

    2. As suggested, Uncle Willie's. I just posted this:
      I don't believe in "fall off the bone" Q. I don't want it overcooked to that point. It is a sign it has been boiled before smoking or that it's been steamed. That's not my preferred style, though not uncommon around here.
      Another place I really want to try, and will go to soon, is Wilson's. It's just the other side of Bridgeport. No parboiling going on there, either!

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      1. re: Scargod

        I realize this which is why I was specific in requesting the fall-off-the-bone style. I don't like having to gnaw the meat off the bone and get all messy--I am too lady-like for that--NOT!! Anyway, I know this is sacrelig, but I like when you can just take your fork to separate the rib from the full fib and then using a knife and fork and then picking up the mostly clean bone at the end. The meat isn't mushy though.

      2. believe it or not american steak house in w. haven has decent fall off the bone ribs on the cheap.