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Feb 24, 2009 06:23 AM

Area Butcher Revisited

I'm planning to make ribs of beef for some friends next weekend, and this has put me in mind of my dissatisfaction with meat purveyors in the DC area. Whole Foods is hit-or-miss and so incredibly expensive. I know about Wagshall's Market, but is there any other (perhaps not so well known) place in DC or environs where they really know their meat, have a good selection and charge fair prices for meat that is not completely shot up with hormones?


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  1. I've had good luck at the Organic Butcher in McLean. I'd call ahead though. And recently, my faith in Wagshals is renewed (and if you go at lunchtime, they've got a really good turkey burger).

    1. I've had good luck with the Laurel Meat Market on Main Street as well as Nick's of Clinton in Waldorf,MD.