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Apr 25, 2004 01:21 PM

Where Can I find Passion Fruit or Passion Fruit Pulp?

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Does anyone know where I can buy Passion Fruit or Passion Fruit Concentrate/Puree in the LA Area? I need it for tomorrow :)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I found pure passion fruit concentrate at Jons Marketplace (on Van Nuys in Van Nuys). I think it's imported from Brazil. If that's too far, you can try other stores that carry latin products. Good luck.

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      Professor Salt

      I have a bottle of passion fruit syrup (sweetened, very thick concentrate) in the fridge that I bought at the Irvine 99 Ranch. I suppose the other locations will have it too.

      I believe that Surfas in Culver City will have unsweetened puree, but call first.

      8825 National
      Culver City

      1. Surfas often has a French variety in the frozen case. We have been impressed with the brand but never tried passion fruit.

        Both Ralphs and Gelsons often have passion fruit but they may need ripening.

        1. You can find it at latin american stores.
          It's also called maracuja in Portuguese (+ species) and granadilla in Spanish (granadilla because of the seeds, it's a small pomegranate).

          Also, stores that have Hawaiian imports might have pulp from Hawai'i.

          1. Before I received any of your wonderful replies (I really appreciate the replies - I will try the suggestions next time) I went hunting for it. This is what I found (or didnt find as the case may be):

            Does Not Have:
            Gelson's (They usually carry it, but were OOS)
            Whole Foods
            Bristol Farms

            Does Have:
            Ralphs (Fresh Fare or Marketplace) $2.49 per fruit

            I also found puree on the internet via Amazon from a place called "The Perfect Purees of Napa Valley" $15 for 30oz not too bad a price, but heres the kicker shipping is $25! Ouch!

            On Amazon they also sell 1 doz fresh whole fruits from Melissa's for $26 but shipping also $25 because it is expedited.