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Feb 24, 2009 06:19 AM

souvenir fr Ottawa?

One of my girlfriends goes there quarterly, what should she bring back for me?
I read the falafels there are killer but i doubt that'll pack nicely =)

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  1. Maple syrup tends to be cheaper there, so I always pick some up.

    Generally speaking, high end ingredients can be cheaper there, so I look for deals when I'm shopping in the market. One thing I really enjoy is a smoked duck magret from Saslove's in the market. Less than $15 for one. A really nice treat, sliced thinly. That's just a personal thing, though.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      Thanks from Toronto!
      Can maple syrup be picked up at Byward Market?
      Is this place comparable to St Lawrence Market or Granville Island?

      1. re: Little T

        You're welcome from Toronto!
        Yes, there are a few vendors, still outdoors for maple syrup. It used to be $5/can (500mls). But I think it's closer to $7 now.
        It's not really comparable to those markets. In the summertime, there are a lot of local farmer stalls plus a bunch of shops around the periphery. Now, it's pretty much just the shops.

    2. How about some maple leaf shortbread cookies from Le Moulin de Province bakery in the ByWard Market (the ones that Obama bought when he was here). You have to be lucky - they're flying out the doors.

      Although I really like maple syrup, I would wait until the local stuff is available and that won't be for at least a month.

      1. If she brought you back a pizza from colonnade you'd be happy, but it also doesn't pack well. still, delicious.

        1. If you are a cheese lover the prices at the cheese shops in the Byward Market are a lot cheaper than anywhere in Toronto. It's worth stocking up when you're there.

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            There is some truly amazing Fudge in the Market! It's my second best choice for Fudge in that area (Ottawa)...My favourite by far is from "La Connfiserrie" (incorrect spelling, sorry) but it is in Wakefield, Quebec a short drive (35 or so minutes away from the Byward Mkt.)
            p.s. Even though this years Maple Syrup isn't 'done' as yet...don't let that stop you from buying what you find in the Market...keep it in the fridge once opened..I don't think that there is a significant deterioration in 'sealed bottles/tins' from year to year..they should be 'dated' in any case.

          2. I appreciate everyone's help.
            But just found out its not Ottawa my friend goes to but the Kanata/Nepean area.
            I believe this will change things.

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            1. re: Little T

              Kanata is boring. Like Mississauga, minus the good indian restaurants.

              1. re: Little T

                This really wouldn't change anything at all. Kanata/Nepean is actually considered Ottawa. It would be like driving from Markham to Scarborough; no big deal. Your friend could still visit the Market which would be about a 10-15 minute drive.

                1. re: Chocolatemama

                  Depending on where in Nepean/Kanata it could be at least half an hour drive to the market. More if there's a lot of traffic or bad weather.

                  Sorry Little T, but that area is a wasteland.