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Feb 24, 2009 06:04 AM

So, Mario Batali's profanity

I had not seen this come up and wondered if anyone had opinions on Mario's cursing in front of the King and Queen of Spain:

Personally, I would like to think I'd pick my words better, but it's not as bad as the apparent rampant table hopping happening, even to and from the King and Queen's table (where the Governor of Florida was allegedly seated, not the whole time! Caveat, I was not there.


I guess this plays into the idea that chefs are irrepressibly and enjoyably profane.

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  1. to quote another queen, "we are *not* amused."

    i really like mario, but this was totally inappropriate. is he drinking too much? i thought he drank a lot on that spanish road trip series, as well.

    mario! DUDE! get a grip!!!!

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    1. re: alkapal

      If you read "Heat", Buford writes how Mario and Joe Bastianich would go through a case of wine between them.

      Batali's a trained professional.

      1. re: ferret

        Heat is great! I couldn't keep up with him but would love to try for a couple of hours!

        1. re: ferret

          a trained professional wine drinker? ;-).

          a disciplined professional would not get drunk, make a fool of himself, and embarrass guests with his f-bombs -- as MC, no less! it was *very* irresponsible of him, and i'd bet he ain't proud.

          1. re: alkapal

            He is a professional chef and media "personality", not a professional MC. I doubt he is embarrassed by his language.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              he was an mc *there*. he should've acted professionally.

              he probably wasn't embarrassed at the time -- because -- apparently -- he was too drunk to realize that he was making an ass of himself.

              and i'm sorry that it happened. as i said, i like him......

              1. re: alkapal

                I agree. Probably won't be asked to do something like that again - no matter how big a celeb. I love the guy but that was too much.

                1. re: alkapal

                  I can hire my plumber to cook my dinner but I wouldn't expect him to do a great job. We'll have to agree to disagree.

                2. re: KTinNYC

                  I don't see a reason to be embarrassed. It isn't like he punched someone - he just used some words that, for no rational reason have been designated as bad by some people but are a common and acceptable part of other people's vocabulary.

                  1. re: Dan G

                    "weaself**ker" is a common (well, common as in not very nice) and acceptable part of what people's vocabulary??? I can use the F-word with great aplomp I believe but I certainly pick my audience. Come on, Dan G, you don't really believe that, do you?

                    1. re: c oliver

                      Fact is if it had been Paula Deen or Rachel Ray who said such a thing in the same context, they would be called classless and no one would excuse it. It's because it's Mario Batali (who I am a fan of), some people are excusing it. I am a great believer in the f-word and use it more often than the average bear, but if I was in that situation, I would not have had more than one glass of wine before my duties were fulfilled and I would not have used the F-word in the situation.

                      1. re: Janet from Richmond

                        Really? I actually would expect that from Paula Deen and I'm sure she would grab more than Andres' butt.

                        1. re: Janet from Richmond

                          Well Paula Deen's pants fell down to mid thigh in her presentation, and RAchael ray was all over for all the boozing she was doing there.

                          Seems like the kids haven't grown up yet.

                            1. re: Janet from Richmond

                              actually i would have found it the classiest thing i've ever seen paula deen do

                              1. re: thew

                                typically chefs and classy are two words that don't go together, unless you are talking about their service. So not sure why anyone would take offense to Batali.

                      2. re: alkapal

                        Mario not in the least bit embarrassed. "It's all over the blogs,'' Batali said of his f-bomb outburst. 'Some people are saying nasty things about me. But those people don't need me to say `f---' to go on a blog and say nasty things.''

                        King Juan Carlos is too cool to have been offended, he said.

                        ''He's heard the word before. I'm sure he didn't care,'' Batali said. ``It must have been a slow news day.''


                          1. re: KTinNYC

                            Sounds like rationalization on his part to make himself feel better. Or maybe he just doesn't care. But when others who attended the function said they visibly saw Queen Sofia recoil at what he said, it definitely offended someone.

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              Much ado about nothing. I wonder if we can get MPW and Gordon Ramsey to MC next year?

                              1. re: Fritter

                                "Much ado about nothing."
                                Your opinion. I think the setting warranted a good bit more respect for the attendees.

                                1. re: LindaWhit

                                  frankly i think the setting would've warranted more respect for the attendees even had they just been me. don't know if that makes me a prude or not but it just seems ridiculously inappropriate and part of the general decreasing of class in society. and i do curse. and i think if you met me you'd quickly notice i'm not a prude. personally i never loved him but i never held anything against him either. this is way worse in my book than saying dude or money. while cooking is great, class is even more important in my book.

                                  1. re: AMFM

                                    Why do people who just had the good luck to be born in the right family deserve any more respect than anyone else? Geez, didn't we fight a revolution over this a few centuries back? Down with royalty in all its forms--especially the Bush dynasty!

                                    1. re: newhavener07

                                      I treat everyone (almost) with respect whether they are royalty or not. Would be a nicer world if we all did the same.

                                      1. re: newhavener07

                                        It's not MORE respect. It's respect in general. And Mario didn't give any. To anyone in the room.

                          2. re: ferret

                            I read that, and wondered at the time if he was a bit over the top. Not that I wouldn't be given his circimstances and exposure.

                            That said, come on Mario, why you gota curse i ront of the queen? It's just so rude...

                        1. I would love to get drunk together with Mario. It would be a hoot!!!

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                          1. re: billieboy

                            Ditto that! Just as long as the queen isn't there...

                          2. Mario is a star chef. No one has ever commented upon his decorum, that I know of.

                            I'd say that was not a great occasion to tie one on, especially since he was the MC. I'm guessing, whatever he has or has not said about the incident, his face is as red as his hair right about now.

                            1. People seem to be taking this way too seriously. Jose Andres IS a motherf*ing great chef, and I have little doubt that the people in the room who wouldn't shut up were "weasel f*wads". Somehow I suspect that the King and Queen's delicate sensibilities have recovered by now.


                              1. I, myself, do think his behavior was innappropriate...BUT I also think it's very funny!
                                He must've had a few drinks to loosen up, but had one or two too many!

                                Innappropriate but not inexcusable