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Feb 24, 2009 06:00 AM

Chinatown: Best bet grocery stores

Hi all,
Up until recently, I've been heading (almost exclusively) to Oriental Harvest in Chinatown when I stop in the area for groceries. However, I'm having trouble finding egg-free chow mein noodles there and have found the ice bars/ice cream selection there very small.

Got me there another great grocery store that I'm missing? Do Chowhounds have a favourite spot in Chinatown, or do you generally just head in to the closest?

I'm particularly looking for a store that stocks the above (lots of noodle selection, ice cream novelties) plus a good selection of fresh tofu, fresh produce, and bottled sauces (I think they've all got this one covered, though). I'm a vegetarian, so although I'm not particularly concerned about the selection of available meat/seafood, it's possible other hounds using this thread may be. I find Chinatown so busy, so I never have the patience to drop in more than 1 store for groceries, so I'm looking for a bit of a one-stop-shop.

Or, am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Are the stores all generally about the same?

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  1. I can't say that it's any better than Oriental Harvest, per se, but I'm quite fond of Lucky Moose, on the south side of Dundas between Spadina and the AGO. Good selection of grocery items and produce. Very well priced meat and fish - although their live fish don't look particularly happy. And it's a bit brighter and newer than some of the other supermarkets in Chinatown. If I can't get down to T&T, it's my default.

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    1. re: tbonetak

      I second Lucky Moose because
      a) its the closest to my house
      b) has some crazy cuts of meat (check out the pork snout when you're there =P)
      c) reasonably priced
      d) seems clean
      e) produce is fresh
      f) not as crowded (don't have to watch out for those Chinatown muggers)

      1. re: Muffin__Top

        it is though noticeably pricier than other chinatown groceries though still not expensive. they seem to also be trying to cater to a more north american audience with their set-up.

        i can never remember the name but i often find myself across the street (east side of spadina) at the one that looks like it's take up a double width shop. i don't often by animal from chinatown but do get produce and sauces.

      2. re: tbonetak

        Great! Sounds like Lucky Moose is worth a try.

        Any others?