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Feb 24, 2009 05:35 AM

Sandwich Panic in Waltham

Sandwich Panic in Waltham
Need 36 sandwiches in Waltham that will be delivered. Last time I took your suggestion and used Domenic's. Frankly I was embarrassed by what was delivered. The rolls were stale, the lettuce was limp, the meat was meager and the vegetarian sandwiches were mislabeled and contained beef. I need some quality sandwiches this time. The catering Via Matta that was suggested in a previous post feels this is not worth their time, only bigger orders considered.
Help me out folks, Subways is not an option. Do supermarkets deliver in this area? It's a college town, there must be sandwiches that are deliverable. Need it this Saturday, 2/28. Please help and thanks

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  1. You might check with Sabatino's or the Pickle.

    1. what about Russos or the Meat Spot in Watertown? They both have good sandwiches and might deliver for that many.

      1. You could look into Pizzi Farms, which will deliver for orders over $50. I do like some of their hot sandwiches, other things can be a bit ehhh, haven't had their catering in ages but they tend to be overlooked here. Their catering menu is online.

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          If you are ordering during the week, they make a decent sandwich at Pizzi Farms. I like the meatball, tuna, the oliver, and a couple other specialty sandwiches they make. Stay away on the weekends though, since the kids that work there don't seem to care to if they make a good sandwich or not.

          Add me to the short list that is not impressed by Domenic's as well.

        2. Rebecca's cafe also delivers. Do you mean Via Lago Catering in Lexington? We use them all the time and have never had a bad lunch delivery for much smaller groups.

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            What about the New York Deli on Lexington Street in Waltham, they do delivery, they have an online menu. They use quality Boars Head etc. My DH used to work in Waltham and loved getting sandwiches there for lunch.

          2. For basic subs you can try Lena's on Main st, been there for a million years and they deliver.
            Also you can try The Sub-Way on Newton St, privately owned small shop, not affiliated with "subway"...
            Carls is another option but they mostly specialize in hot steak or chicken subs. They do have cold subs too though.
            There is also the Chateau...