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Sandwich Panic in Waltham

Sandwich Panic in Waltham
Need 36 sandwiches in Waltham that will be delivered. Last time I took your suggestion and used Domenic's. Frankly I was embarrassed by what was delivered. The rolls were stale, the lettuce was limp, the meat was meager and the vegetarian sandwiches were mislabeled and contained beef. I need some quality sandwiches this time. The catering Via Matta that was suggested in a previous post feels this is not worth their time, only bigger orders considered.
Help me out folks, Subways is not an option. Do supermarkets deliver in this area? It's a college town, there must be sandwiches that are deliverable. Need it this Saturday, 2/28. Please help and thanks

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  1. You might check with Sabatino's or the Pickle.

    1. what about Russos or the Meat Spot in Watertown? They both have good sandwiches and might deliver for that many.

      1. You could look into Pizzi Farms, which will deliver for orders over $50. I do like some of their hot sandwiches, other things can be a bit ehhh, haven't had their catering in ages but they tend to be overlooked here. Their catering menu is online.

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          If you are ordering during the week, they make a decent sandwich at Pizzi Farms. I like the meatball, tuna, the oliver, and a couple other specialty sandwiches they make. Stay away on the weekends though, since the kids that work there don't seem to care to if they make a good sandwich or not.

          Add me to the short list that is not impressed by Domenic's as well.

        2. Rebecca's cafe also delivers. Do you mean Via Lago Catering in Lexington? We use them all the time and have never had a bad lunch delivery for much smaller groups.

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            What about the New York Deli on Lexington Street in Waltham, they do delivery, they have an online menu. They use quality Boars Head etc. My DH used to work in Waltham and loved getting sandwiches there for lunch.

          2. For basic subs you can try Lena's on Main st, been there for a million years and they deliver.
            Also you can try The Sub-Way on Newton St, privately owned small shop, not affiliated with "subway"...
            Carls is another option but they mostly specialize in hot steak or chicken subs. They do have cold subs too though.
            There is also the Chateau...

            1. Check out AJ Culinary, it's not far and they deliver but I don't know about weekends. They do a good job with sandwiches and are flexible.

              1. I have used Lena's before for a large catered event. There subs are good, and I like that they separate the veggies and the spreads so nothing gets soggy in the transport. I have never had catered subs from NY deli, but I think they make the best "basic" subs around (turkey, italian, ext). Someone mentioned Russo's, that could be a great idea. They use high quality meat, and the veggies are great. Just never have had catering from them, so not sure how it will be in transportation

                1. Thanks all, went back to Domenic's and read them the riot act, listed all the problems of the first delivery in November. They cleaned up the act and sent wonderful, fresh, generous sandwiches. Just shows that you have to speak up and be specific about what you want. Now about Cambridge....

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                    Glad to hear. When Dom's is on, it's hard to beat their sandwiches, especially the eggplant.

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                      I've never experienced Dominic's not being "on." Their sandwiches are the best in the area, IMHO.

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                        Nor have I. I was referring to the OP's thoughts in the original post.

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                      Very happy you posted this follow-up. Dom's has always been one of my favorite sandwich places, and I never ever got the kind of lousy takeout order you originally described. Glad to hear they're righted their reputation with you. I love those eggplant subs.

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                        me too because when I first read your post I was quite surprised that you had , had such a bad experience. Their sandwiches are old world and fantastic. The bread is crusty and the fillings are delicious. I especially like the Italian tuna. I also love watching the older women in the back cooking. I am lucky because I have to be in that area often and it is one of my favorites.

                    3. Glad it worked out! Those eggplant sandwiches at Domenic's are like my favorite thing ever. Best sandwich ever at least!

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                        special thanks to the poster both for telling Dom's what was wrong and letting us know they cared about getting it right. I've always liked the place but it means quite a bit to me that they care they screwed up and that the poster let us know the whole story from the bad beginning to the good ending.

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                          I've lived very close to Dom's for the past 5 years and eat there all the time. Unfortunately, I have to say that ~30% of the time I swear that I will never eat there again! I usually don’t bother with the non-panini entrées, since they are mostly dead from sitting on hotplates for hours by the time I get there. And some of their employees don't seem to give a @#$% whether they follow the panini recipe or not (or even given you the panini you ordered). Obviously the management doesn't care (they are usually in the back, yacking it up). But their fresh ciabatini, and the Melenzane and Tonno sandwiches are Boston-area classics. I guess that's why I keep going back, despite the inconsistency (that, and the lack of anything better on the deli front in Waltham). It’s also annoying that they close at 5:30PM. I guess they can do what they want, but that’s just bad business sense. I've often thought what I could do with this place if I owned it.

                          It’s always amazing to see people take something great, and turn it into something mediocre.

                          Too late for the OP, but I've had a lot of good sandwiches catered at work by Nellio's in Lexington (I would think they would deliver to Waltham, ~15 min drive). And their Turkey Terrific on French is another classic. Like the having the day after Thanksgiving Day, 365 days a year! Last time I was their they told me they roast 18 turkeys a day.

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                            Gotta love Neillio's Turkey Terrific.

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                              I agree, Nellio's makes a good sandwich - if you order it on sliced bread. Ask for it on a seeded roll or french bread and they usually put in the ingredients perpendicular to the cut of the roll as if you are going to eat it open faced style with a knife and fork. So it is impossible to eat without rearranging all the fillings yourself. Nothing makes me angrier than a poorly made sandwich, no matter how good or plentiful the ingredients are.

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                                I always get mine on Italian white with extra mayo. It's big enough to split with my husband with a small salad from their salad bar. The dressing is a little sage-heavy for me, but a really good sandwich overall.

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                                Hi This is Domenics. I just want to report that the original order in November was for a Sunday. We are closed on Sundays. Since our customer was going out of her way to order from another state I opened just for them. Since we don't bake on Sundays, I had to experiment with a par-bake. It worked great on soft, not so great on crusty . I am not desperate for business but I know when someone is going out of their way, so I like to reciprocate. We close at 5:30 since the bread runs out about this time, and I like to see my family. SO management must care a lot to open a store just so a customer can make their son happy hundreds of miles from home. Kindest Regards. Ciro

                          2. We order all the time from Matilda's in Watertown. I am sure that they would accomodate you for a saturday order. They do a great job and the price is good.

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                              It's past the date, but Matilda's isn't open on the weekends.