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Feb 24, 2009 05:27 AM

1/2 rotisserie chicken left - quick dinner suggestions?

So there will be 2 of us for dinner tonight. Pretty well stocked pantry, lots of fresh produce. Usually do chicken tetrazzini with leftovers but will only have 30 minutes this evening to make dinner. DD wants something a little different - perhaps Mexican? Have flour tortillas in the house. Also have lots of romaine & ancovies, but it's 20 degreees here, would like hot dinner. Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Well a simple dish for me with not much time ... quesadillas, maybe the chicken with a light mix of chipoltes in adobo some spices some cheese, maybe some olives, onions lightly sauteed. Avacado would be great or some salsa in the quesadilla. Grill lightly of toast in the oven. A side of romaine. I love black beans romaine, shallots, and a lime vinaigrette. My first choice cuz so quick.

    And roll ups by far. Some onions chicken just sauteed in some salsa with peppers if you have them some black beans or rice even and roll in the tortillas (warmed of course) cut in half and serve. Grill some romaine and serve with a salsa vinaigrette. Salsa, olive oil and fresh olives and shallots diced. Serve over the grilled romaine.

    I make a great mexican soup with chicken, beans, black, white, mix, any kind you have, some canned diced tomatoes, some salsa, a little chicken broth, onions, peppers all diced. I like peas in mine, but optional, seasoning, cumin, chili powder and some spiced red pepper flakes or fresh hot peppers. Cook for 20 minutes. Pan fry some tortilla chips, sprinkle with cumin and salt. Serve the soup with sour cream if you have it, avacado and the chips. Again, I love grilled romain, it is so good and so quick and serve with any dressing.

    A sandwich, add some chicken, fresh diced tomatoes, cumin, chili powder and onions and peppers and saute, then serve on a nice grilled roll, top with cheese and serve. I like to serve with some simple baked fries (reg potatoes or sweet potatoes also with some mexican spice and a great sour cream and lime, cilantro sauce) vs ketchup.

    I love creamed chicken, simple and easy, cream, chicken, thyme and sherry wine over a simple herbed biscuit. Definitely 30 minutes.

    Corn bread, the box, yes the box. 20 minutes, Make the chicken with some tomatoes and your favorite veggies, olives, peppers, onions, some good spice and serve over the cornbread with some fresh grated cheese.

    Last one. I use the basic mix like above with the corn bread, add some extra broth and maybe some other vegetables what you have on hand. No specifics, add over some good hearty pasta, penne rigate would work well and then mix together and top with a good cheese and bake. Not gourmet but good use of leftover and warm and satisfying.

    I stayed with Mexican, hundreds of other ideas, but I though I would try for the Mexican idea.

    1. Like kchurchill, I usually use my leftover chicken for quesadillas or burritos, but last night I used 1/2 roasted chicken leftover from Saturday to make Chicken Lettuce Wraps like the ones from PF Changs. I've made a few failed versions before, but this one I found at Tastespotting, and it really worked! I made a bunch of substitutions based on what we had on hand (canned water chestnuts, soy and lemon instead of ponzu, romaine leaves instead of iceberg), and replaced the ground chicken with the leftover chopped roasted chicken, just cooking it til warmed through and the sauce thickened a bit.

      The other thing I do with leftover chicken is make an admittedly Americanized version of Bahn-Mi based on the recipe from Gourmet and serve it with coconut curry soup.

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        Love the wraps, I make them with all kinds of fillings, a favorite for parties or a light dinner. May have check out the link, sounds good. Endive works good for some, I like the romaine idea too vs iceberg, more plyable and to me more to room to add fillings. Sounds yummy!

      2. Since it's Mardi Gras, maybe do a potluck jumbalaya with whatever else you have around. If you start the rice right away, it should come together in less than 30 minutes. I have a recipe that a chef at the Marriott gave me, maybe not real authentic but it tastes good to me.

        Other quick things I like to make with leftover chicken: Spanish rice (Cuban style actually) and chicken in creamy sherry sauce over cornbread. (Just saw that was already suggested over biscuits) Oh and I love curried chicken salad. If anything appeals to you, let me know.

        1. Good suggestions so far. I thought a sorf of paella. Start cooking your rice, if you can saute some onion, add cut up tomatoes, canned okay, some saffron or tumeric, and chicken stock, while that cooks, (not traditional for paella but to get it done quickly I'd cover). While the rice cooks cook up some veggies, string beans are good, I love frozen artichokes in this but I'd saute them first in the same pan if you have the time, if not separately. If you have any shrimp in the freezer or sausages a few would be great. When the rice is partically cooked add the veggies and the chicken and finish all to doneness.

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            Love the frozen artichokes with some tomatoes, chicken olives some feta over couscous. All quick cooking. Sautee the chicken olives, onions and roasted red peppers, add the chokes and sautee, add the tomatoes and some white wine and serve over couscous or rice even. Top with some chopped feta and some toasted thin baguettes with olive oil toasted. and a nice simple romaine salad with a warm lemon and shallot vinaigrette.

          2. to me, leftover chicken and little time always screams dinner salad. i'd look into the vietnamese dish, goi ga, which is basically a lime-y cabbage carrot and peanut salad with shredded chicken, or just do a nicoise variation with shredded chicken instead of tuna.

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              That;s what I would do, but with warmed up chicken on top. You can even warm up an Asian inspired dressing to have a hot/cold salad. Last time I made this, I baked cut up wonton wrappers until crisp. They were delicious on top of the salad.