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Feb 24, 2009 05:18 AM

Dinner in Portland - ONE night only


My fiance and I will be in Portland on a travel layover for about 12 hours this Friday night. We are staying at a hotel on SW 6th Avenue, and should be arriving around 8pm. We made a deal that I'd choose and pay for the restaurant, and he'd gamely go along. No real parameters on price, but we'd probably prefer walking distance from our hotel (or a short cab ride).

I like and will try any cuisine; he prefers a slightly "safer" menu with something familiar like scallops, steak, or pasta. Any suggestions? I have looked at the menu for Ten01 and that's a possibility so far.


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  1. Not sure about dinner but for cocktails stop by the teardrop louge. These guys know what they are doing. Just give them an Idea of what you like/dislike in a cocktail then sit back and watch the magic!


    1. You certainly won't be disappointed with Ten01 - we've never had a bad meal there. It is pricey, but worth it - one of the best restaurants in Portland. Pazzo will be closer to your hotel and "safer", but the meal won't be anywhere near as good.

      1. Everything in Portland is a short cab ride away, and well worth it to get beyond the immediate downtown area. I'm a big Carlyle fan. Ironically the items your husband enjoys are my defaults when I dine there. The Day Boat scallops and the pappardelle with braised pork cheeks are both wonderful, although my singular weakness is their lobster risotto.

        1. it really depends on what you like. El Guacho is good for steaks, Palomine is fun place for shared plates, the Heathman Hotel is nice for drinks and after dinner snacks. Clyde Common is a noted favorite on chowhound On the east side there are tons too.