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Feb 24, 2009 05:08 AM

Best places in Vancouver?

I will be in Vancouver for four days soon and I need some help from CH-ers to plan a fabulous gastronomical tour. Where are the best places to eat, for lunch and dinner?

Price is not an issue, IF the meal warrants it (I say that now but I might cringe once I get the bill). Dinner - around the $60-100 range (no alcohol). I don't drink so that helps out a bit, cost wise.

Mostly looking for contemporary North American fine dining spots for dinner - where are the best of the best?

I should mention I don't eat seafood, so seafood only spots won't really interest me.

Also looking for some good places for lunch as well - doesn't have to be fancy but has to be excellent!

Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's lots of threads for fine dining in Vancouver, but from experience, my picks, in order, would be West, Cin Cin, Chambar, and Cioppinos . Fuel and Boneta are good too, as are Parkside, and Blue Water Cafe. You can check out all of their menus on line.

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      My list is similar to sackman's...if contemporary North American fine dining is what you seek...I would add Market, Lumiere, Gastropod, Bishop's, (and a number of others) to that list. On that list, I have not yet been to Market and the new Lumiere (since the takeover by Daniel Boulud's team). These two places are being watched fairly closely by the Casual Fine Dining biz here to see if they truly raise the stakes. Both have reviewed very well.

      Parkside sort of closing down - Andrey Durbach is converting it converting to a new La Buca 2 by the end of the month (IIRC). It may resurface elsewhere or at the same location when the economy picks up ( - I'm reading between the lines on that one).

      1. Wow! A Chowhound that doesn't eat seafood or drink wine? You are unique! congratulations. You should have your choice of places if you will spend $60-$100 without alchohol. I think "West" should foot the bill.

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          Campagnolo is also worth a look, especially now that they're open for lunch. They had piadine then which I'm keen to try out but otherwise the menu is pretty similar to dinner, so you could check 'em out in the daytime.

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            I was there for lunch a couple of weeks ago. Had the cecci (addicting like fries or peanuts) and the pork tagliarini (the pasta was perfect - the ragu was merely good) and a some other things. The service was excellent and the poached pear and olive oil dessert was fantastic.

        2. La Quercia 3689 W 4th Ave.T el: 604-676-1007 for dinner has some really excellent Italian food but also offers daily specials which may be more continental. Best to call ahead to see what they have to offer.

          1. Thanks so much for posting all your recs!!!!! The list is amazing and I thank you for all your time!

            Unfortunately, I have to cancel my Vancouver trip for the moment (already booked the flight and everything - bah!) but I will keep this list for when I WILL visit your fine city!! It is a must.

            Thanks again and sorry for the trouble! I'm majorly bummed I won't be able to make it to try all your recs at the moment but I will!