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Feb 24, 2009 05:03 AM

powerful blender rec needed [moved from HC]

what blender brand and model has a powerful motor that is excellent at crushing ice?

looking to spend less than $150 and i don't want something super noisy. it will be used to make smoothies daily and nothing else (i'm stocked with kitchen appliances for other functions).

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  1. I have a Waring Pro, not sure of the model number; its the stainless steel base, two speed with the cloverleaf glass pitcher. I make smoothies with it nearly every day.

    1. Vitamix -- it's actually more than a blender (it will mill flour from wheat berries and even mix yeast dough) but I mostly use mine for making the BEST frozen margaritas on the planet. They may be a bit more than your $150, but if you can locate one used (mine is a model 3600) you won't ever be disappointed. The motor is a reversing motor and do not require crushing ice before you put it in. Just put in huge cubes, frozen fruits, etc. It's the best "blender" I've ever owned. I do not have a blender -- this monster takes the place of a blender.

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        shoot! i've look at these online and they look amazing!! i wish i could get one used bc it's really expensive.

      2. I thin you want the Cookware board -- there are a bunch of threads about blenders, and a current one about the VitaMix.