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Feb 24, 2009 04:52 AM

K& W Cafeteria Wilmington

I had about thirty minutes before a Doctors appointment in town and was famished looking to stuff myself so I saw K&W there and decided to give it a try.It was 12 oThirty and the place was packed but the line was moving fast.Everything looked good on line as it always does when you are hungry.Couldn't decide so I stuck with the same ole same ole,One Quarter Fried Chicken Dark,Sides included creamed corn,Mashed Taters,green beans,two yeast rolls and sweet tea.Total damage Nine Dollars and Seven cents.
Now that is not what I expect to pay for a meat and three and the lunch was not very filling.I had to talk myself into not stopping By Smithfields on the way home where I could have gotton a Large Combo of BBQ and BBQ Chicken for Seven Dollars.OK so I wont do that again.The place was full of Eldery People like a Nursing Home and that only added to mine dining displeasure.I can see why the food had no taste to it at all.I had the salt shaker in my hand the whole time.

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  1. ahh, the wonders of the pre-Blackberry world. Otherwise you could've found The Basics (in downtown Wilmington) or Two Fat Ladies Over a Simmering Pot closer to campus, which both serve home-cooked Southern and Soul food.

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      I don't do Downtown but where is TFL? Never heard of it.

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        It's at 1601 Dawson Street (intersection of 16th street Southwest). Everything is homemade/made from scratch and the service extremely warm. I love family-run operations like this.