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Feb 24, 2009 04:28 AM

Your Single Greatest Meal

Hey Chowhounds, Can you recount the single greatest meal you've ever had? It may have been at a friend's house, home cooked, at a dive diner or a 4-star restaurant. What was it and what made it special?

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  1. Over the last 20 years I have had some spectacular meals with at least twenty of them being the greates meal I had up to that point. With that said, the single greatest meal I have had was at the Inn at Little Washington two years ago. It is a true foodie destination. Every one of the courses was spectacular in flavors and presentation and the wait team were very knowledgeable and extremely well trained.. They paired great wines to the courses. Our menu was personalized and ready for us with the coat check girl who didn't just hand us our coats but came out to assist us with putting them on. It was the total flawless experience that made it great. There are a couple that have come close (White Barn Inn, Veritas NYC, and Bolete) but there are quite a few places I still need to try.

    1. Bucca de San Antionio in Lucca, Italy was it for me. A very simple meal starting with perfectly executed sage cream pasta followed by fire roasted goat. Absolutely incredible in its simplicity and the perfection of both the ingredients and their preparation.