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Feb 24, 2009 04:16 AM

Harvard Sq. Breakfast /Brunch?

Researching for an after the wedding, Sunday morning breakfast/brunch at or very near Harvard Sq.
Prefer not to be at a hotel. 15/20 guests. I know there's something, but can't come up with it. Any help from the Chow-family would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. If you or any member of your party belongs to the Harvard Faculty Club, I've heard they do a very nice brunch.

      Henrietta's Table is also nice, but it's in the Charles Hotel. Harvest has a Sunday brunch too (no personal experience).

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      1. re: EmmaFrances

        I'd second Henrietta's Table. I know that you didn't want to be in a hotel restaurant but this is worth making an exception for. They would also be able to handle a large group.

      2. I think Grafton St. does brunch and they'd have room. People have given that pretty good grades on brunch. Much more casual is Zoe's on Mass Ave., a diner looking spot. Could *possibly* do that many people.

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          Grafton St and Zoe are very basic eateries for brunch. Nothing special whatsoever. And very crowded. Avoid for this kind of event.

          1. re: Karl S

            Just went to Grafton street for brunch this weekend for the first time and although it's not a seriously foodie place, it was pretty good. I think that the level of quality and service is in a different league than Zoe's which is a diner like concept.
            Checked into Henrietta's table and on Sundays they do all you can eat $45 brunch, Saturdays it's a la carte.
            I haven't actually been there for brunch, and again it's not a seriously foodie place, but Dedalus on Mount Auburn could be an option, and if it's in June the upstairs deck could be very nice.

            1. re: cpingenot

              I go there with some regularity for casual eats after church, and I have to say it's very inconsistent. Nothing bad, but often doesn't rise much beyond OK.

              1. re: Karl S

                Also, in the past 3-6 months I have noticed a marked decline in service at Daedalus. I seldom go there anymore.


        2. I think Upstairs on the Square, Harvest, and Henrietta's Table would be your best bets.

          I agree that Henrietta's is worth checking out despite its hotel setting ... its brunch has repeatedly been ranked as the best in the Boston area. It has its own entrance (well, shared with Rialto) so it's possible to get to the restaurant without going through the hotel.

          I've been underwhelmed by the Harvard Faculty Club. Sure, it's august and stately, and in some ways would make a memorable venue. But I've always found the food to be fairly unremarkable, and the general stodginess is a major turn-off.

          Zoe's is usually mobbed with Harvard students on Sunday mornings when classes are in session ... I doubt they'd set aside 15-20 seats at one of their busiest times of the week. Also, much as I love Zoe's, it's really in a different class from the other places mentioned, in my humble opinion.


          1. Thanks to all. Some very good ideas. I'll check them out. And of course the best way is to try them all. I have time. Wedding is in June. Not mine. It's the house Princess.

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              I did Harvest for brunch with about 12 and it was lovely...and they have a gorgeous patio if the weather happens to be nice. Highly recommended. Deadalus stinks (imho).