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Feb 24, 2009 04:11 AM

Soba or Dim Sum in New Haven CT??

I'm looking to try soba and dim sum. I live in the New Haven area, I don't really want to drive very far. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. East Melange Too on Howe in New Haven--not fancy. Others like York Street Noodle House. Search Chow for these and you'll get lots of details. Ivy Noodle is another place but not a fav anymore.

      1. Thumbs down on York Street Noodle House. My family and I ate there in October and we're not impressed. I thought the food was very plain, simple, and uninspired. We felt we could do a better job making the noodle dishes at home. But I guess its an affordable place if you're a college student looking for cheap food.

        1. Great Wall grocery split into a separate grocery store and adjacent restaurant. The restaurant is in the old location of the grocery store (on Whitney, near Trumbull) and now has Dim Sum!

          Pretty darn good, better than a city as small as New Haven has a right to expect... on par with the upper tier (though not best) one's in Chinatown. I think it starts at 10:00am on Sat and Sun. Carts and everything (though they aren't the best at pushing them around). Don't expect a lot of ambiance, but food is 4.5 stars. Great stuff can be ordered off the translated Chinese menu too...

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            Do you know where the grocery store went?