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Feb 24, 2009 03:52 AM

Local pet peeves for area restaurants from Mitch's article

Wow! We must have some awesome area eateries if the most often repeated pet peeve in Mitch's The Trend article yesterday that local readers submitted was servers referring to patrons as "you guys" as in "are you guys ready to order?" Is this a local area thing? Does it bother any of my fellow hounds? I don't mind at all, in fact I kind of like it. Maybe it is because I am a gamer or something. I do concur with one of the other peeves mentioned about being seated next to a huge noisy table when there are plenty of other seats available, but I dislike it so much that I refuse to allow it to happen. I'll wait for another table or just leave if I have to. This is one thing I don't have ambivalent feelings about and it works well for me. It is hard to beat when the big table gets filled after you are all settled in. Yet another peeve was being asked too many times if everything is okay, especially when you are having a nice conversation. I think that is just a noob server thing. I have also had the spraying of cleaning chemicals nearby when I am still eating. Ugh. One reason not to go to a place shortly before they close. Anyone else find Mitch's article a good read?

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  1. I was actually wondering out loud a few minutes ago, what was going on with Trend. I have not received it in the mail for a number of weeks now. Maybe I will get one today. I love Mitch's reviews. Not that I agree with him regularly.

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    1. re: crazyspice

      I believe the Trend is now being delivered...the last two weeks I have found mine in a plastic bag in street outside my house. Not sure who is delivering them...but I went for a run the other day in my neighborhood and found that most are lying in the gutter...and lazy home owners are not picking them up.

      1. re: Adenn1

        Interesting. I have not seen that in our neighborhood. We definitely have not had it delivered.

      2. re: crazyspice

        I believe The Trend is now being delivered. I have found my in a plastic bag in the street in front of my house over the past two weeks. Not sure who is delivering them...but most seem to end up in the gutter...and my neighbors just leave them there.

      3. I think my Trend shows up with my Philadelphia Inquirer, folded inside one of the sections. I haven't read his column yet but my numero uno peeve is being told to 'ENJOY'. Ick, yuk, blah: I hate that trite delivery phrase. You hear it after hostesses seat you and after your food is delivered. It's taken over the restaurant world. While I'm on my rant, I don't like the "you guys" address, either. Maybe I am a cranky old person already.. but I am NOT the server's chum or buddy or pal. It's especially out of place when the customer is over the age of 65. What happened to sir or ma'm? It works in Europe. Or how about just asking, "Are you ready to order?"

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        1. re: the dog ate my homework

          I've also received the Trend wrapped up in the Inquirer. I thought it was an advertising supplement disguised as part of the newspaper, and I've been tossing them out without even looking through them.

          As for "You guys"... nope! I think it's as out of place as a server stacking dishes on the table in front of me while clearing the table. In fact, the two annoyances often go hand-in-hand.

        2. I am used to "you guys" by now. The first time was in the '70s in Santa Monica when I was in college. My roommate and I went to my favorite Italian restaurant and the first words from the waitress were, "How are you guys tonight?" I watched as my roommate's draw dropped. Fortunately, the food was great and he recovered. As for chemicals, my wife and I try never to return to places that think it is ok to spray chemicals, wax the floors, or use the mop and bucket (probably a diner thing) right up to our table. My Trend hasn't arrived yet this week -- some weeks it doesn't. I know the Inquirer has to save money but having the person who delivers the papers in the morning drop off a Trend at every house is not working.

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          1. re: jfr

            My Trend came rolled up in a bundle with a walmart flyer and a coupon book like the kind you get in the Sunday paper. I think it was also in a plastic bag. Sigh. Pretty soon the younguns will be asking what is a newspaper? I have had the over zealous cleaning thing happen at Red Lobster, Pumperniks, Guiseppe's Pizza, and a little breakfast place in Perkasie. I have found one way to protect myself is to always show up at least an hour before closing. Chemicals don't do much for the taste of food do they? This might be a cultural thing, just a guess, but in America it might be considered rude to linger over your food and keep the staff waiting while you finish up. I have heard it is not always this way in other countries.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              We only get the Inq on the weekends. Always have, so I guess I am out of luck on Mitch's reviews.

              1. re: crazyspice

                I haven't gotten the Inky in years. Or the North Penn Distorter. Trend arrived free of charge. Hope yours shows up soon crazy!

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  Up until a few weeks ago, my Trend came free in the mail. No sign of it yet!

                  1. re: crazyspice

                    I haven't seen a Trend for quite a while either. I don't get the Inquirer so maybe I'm now out of luck.

                    I did find a link to the Trend. But it doesn't seem to have the last issue's information yet.


                    1. re: Carole

                      Well, my copy of the Trend with the pet peeve article just showed up on my driveway this morning. So if you still haven't gotten it yet - there is still hope!

          2. i've never heard of this publication! is that one of the papers that usually goes straight into my recycling bin?

            i'm terribly guilty of "you guys." i hate it, yet it slips out so naturally so often. and (eek) occasionally you'll get a "y'all" out of me. again, i hate it. i consciously try as best i can to drop the "guys" bit!

            ick - table/floor cleaning chemicals - have not had that happen in quite awhile. i especially hate being seated at a sticky table, though! rather than ask for it to be wiped down, i usually use water from my glass and my napkin... hate that.

            but my ultimate pet peeve - being seated next to kids. i will wait for another table or eat at the bar or go elsewhere. if the kids arrive after me, well then, i try to grin and bear it. had a particularly nightmarish table arrive halfway through my first round of drinks at earth bread + brewery. seriously, what part of earth bread + BREWERY makes people think it's an OK place to bring 4 screaming tots (and then proceed to ignore said screaming)?

            OK, rant off ;)

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            1. re: rabidog

              I'm with you rabidog - I've never seen it and I get the Inquirer.
              The cleaning supplies would kill me - I can't believe someone would let that happen.
              My worst dining experience was at a nice restaurant near South Street where a child was allowed to roam freely through the dining room, nearly tripping waitstaff as the restaurant has little space between tables, and the mom actually standing and eating so she could keep an eye on the little tyke! To top it off, when I approached the maitre d and asked her to address the issue she said it wasn't her job!
              ah, children.

            2. I don't mind "you guys" at all...its friendly, to me. What I do mind are stuck up waiters who make you feel they are doing you a favor by serving them.

              My pet peeve is waiting. I want the menu, drinks, bread basket, food, etc to come quickly and I'd much prefer a waiter/waitress who comes to me too often to ask how things are than one who takes your order and then just disappears, or avoids eye contact when you are trying to get their attention.

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              1. re: rocknroll52

                Just don't let my drink sit empty.....

                1. re: Bigley9

                  ah, good call. though if the refills aren't free (wine, beer, etc) i find this happening MUCH less frequently. coincidence?? :)

                  1. re: rabidog

                    the occassional benefit of these horrific economic times ; )