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Feb 24, 2009 12:54 AM

Substitute for chipotles in adobe?

Dear All

I have foolishly promised to bring extra special treats to my book club in return for them changing the date to suit me. So I was thinking of making goodhealthgourmet's black bean dip but I see it requires chipotles in adobe, which are not readily available in the UK. (In fact I don't really know what they are.)

Any ideas for substitutes? Can I use pickled jalapenos, for example? I do have some chipotle chilli flakes.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. pickled jalepenos are not a good substitute-- chipotles are smoked and dried ripe jalepenos. They are quite spicy and smoky and you'd miss that with pickled green jalepenos. I would make an adobo sauce (you should be able to throw together the ingredients for that) and then spice it up with your chipotle flakes. Adobo sauce is a sort of sweet and sour tomato mix- I found this recipe for chipotles in adobo- don't know how authentic but I think it should work for you:

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      Here's a black bean dip that uses pickled jalapeƱos,181,15...

      I have no idea whether it is better or worse than the one the OP has in mind. Neither is authentic in the sense of following some traditional Mexican recipe.

      1. GG- There is a Mexican store in Bethnal Green that stocks Mexican groceries and has chipotles. I just went there last week to pick up a supply for myself.

        Cool Chile Co. also makes some. I believe they have a stall at Borough.

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          I am intending to make a trip there at some point but I won't have time before tomorrow. But thanks for the tip.

        2. DEFINITELY don't try substituting pickled jalapenos for chipotles. hard to think of two more different chiles.

          also, keep in mind that there are dried chipotles and there are canned chipotles. the canned ones come in a red, smoky, spicy sauce. the dried ones are VERY dry, even moreso than sun dried tomatoes. not sure which version your recipe calls for, but you should be aware of the difference when buying them. good luck!!!

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            With all due respect, they are the same pepper, just processed in two very different ways.

            1. re: janetms383

              of course. but i can't see them being interchangeable, unlike many other chiles.

          2. Grind up the chipotle chili flakes, and add a small amount of tomato paste if you like.

            Other subs: ground dried chipotles (not just flakes)
            Smoked paprika + cayenne pepper: Not perfect, but adds smokiness and heat and may be easier to find