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Feb 24, 2009 12:19 AM

What to eat at Animal on Fairfax

I'm going out to dinner for a friend's birthday this week on Wednesday or Thursday and want to hear recommendations. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be getting the foie gras, but wanted to know what else to try. Thanks!!!

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    1. You must get the poutine. Sweet breads are also great. I actually wasn't a huge fan of the foie gras. I thought the presentation was a bit too sweet.

      For an entree, I loved the country fried quail, and for dessert both the doughnuts and the chocolate pudding were great.



      1. The poutine is a must, indeed. The night we were there, there was a special appetizer that was, in essence, a cheesy chorizo bake served with bread. It was terrific. Our favorite entrees of the four we ordered: the quail fry, which is fried chicken, using quail. This was the best dish of the night, and the sides were just as good; the pork chop, which was also excellent.

        1. another vote for the quail fry, the poutine and i'll add the pork belly.

          1. All these are good, and I'd second the pork belly with kiimchi.

            But my favorite there, despite being an avid carnivore, is the grilled baby broccoli with poached egg and pancetta vinaigrette.

            The doughnuts (with apple filling) are also crave-worthy.