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Feb 24, 2009 12:17 AM

Trying to source out lamb liver and suet in RI

Does anyone out there know where to source out fresh lamb livers and suet here in RI of surrounding area? Suet is raw beef or mutton fat, the hard stuff around the loins and kidneys. I appreciate the help!!!!
Chef Drew

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  1. You might try Jerusaleum Meat Market‎ at Rolfe Square in Cranston. Not sure if they would carry it or not, but they seem to have a lot of lamb available...(401) 467-8903.

    Never used them for anything, but they have a lot of unusual stuff in there so it's worth a shot.

    1. Have you stopped by the winter farmers' market in pawtucket? There are several beef farmers there and they may have suet available, especially if you get in touch beforehand. I haven't seen anyone selling lamb there (although that might be my own deficient observation skills).

      1. A new-ish Federal law, as I understand it, prohibits the sale of fresh organ meats in any state without an approved abbatoir. As far as I know, there are none in RI. I wish there were, because fresh lamb's & calf's liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, etc. are so yummy. The frozen versions are not worth buying, but no worries: we are rarely offered even those. We must get to know some small local ranchers... then we could also get blood for puddings, calf's feet, tongues, caul fat, etc.

        1. maybe armando & sons? (pine st, pawtucket 401-727-0707)

          can't remember what they had for lamb, but the selection of beef and pork was amazing

          1. There is a lamb ranch in Connecticut -one of the shoreline towns