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Feb 23, 2009 11:36 PM

Wor Bar

Does anyone know where to get this traditional Shanghai dish(sometimes called Sizzling Rice)? It seems to have fallen by the wayside. I've searched the NYC MenuPages website(which only covers Manhattan eateries), and no one has it. I'm in the Bronx and haven't had it since I was actually in Shanghai in '06.

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  1. They have this dish at Little Pepper, a Sichuan restaurant in Flushing. It's in the Chef's Specialties section of the menu and called Crust of Cooked Rice with Pork. If you order it when dining in the restaurant, they bring out the rice and sauce separately, giving you a chance to break off some rice before they pour the brown gravy over it and soggy it all up. I ordered this once several years ago and found the dish to be fairly bland and unexciting relative to other items I usually order there, though they do give you a pretty big portion of pork and mixed veggies.

    Little Pepper
    133-43 Roosevelt Ave

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      I had a somewhat similar experiece at 100 Mott in Chinatown. Their soup dumplings are the best in town by a wide margin, but the rest of the menu is honestly revolting. I had the beef pan fried noodles, and it had no taste. Not a bad taste, but literally no taste. You might as well eat paint chips. And I won't talk about what they did to the eggplant in garlic sauce, because readers might puke.

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        This is really delicious at Little Pepper, it's the first thing I would order if (when!) I go back.

      2. sounds like . . . . guo-ba? chunks of crunchy rice topped with some sauce, etc.? a good place will make the crusty rice although I've seen pre-packaged chunks of guo-ba in the chinese market as well. I've only had it in taiwan or at people's homes, don't think its necessarily a shanghainese dish tho but I'm not sure.

        here is one thread: