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Feb 23, 2009 10:55 PM

Faschnaut Donuts Today!!!!!

I love to get mine about ten o'clock the night before faschnaut day at the Yum Yum donuts in Line Lexington (very near Montgomeryville) but I've had the week from hell so it slipped my mind until like five of eleven. I went charging over there but didn't make it in time. I could see boxes upon boxes awaiting pick up later today. I always get a variety but my favorite is just the simple glazed potato donut. So good. Yum Yum has really fresh donuts and coffee rolls anyway but today they are super fresh! They reopen at four thirty am today and I hope I am sleeping but I have a feeling I'll be charging over there again at that time. It's a tradition! I have to get them before work because they are usually sold out by afternoon. Where do other chowhounds get their donuts for fat tuesday? Asparagus and donuts are our rewards for making it this far into february.

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  1. I have never heard of these donuts before today. There is some poor guy over on the Mid-atlantic forum looking for these donuts in S. Jersey (just posted). What exactly do they taste like?

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      They are made with potato flour so they just taste a bit richer than the usual ones. I got my donuts!!!! It was a mob scene at Yum Yum. Lots of people just get regular donuts too. It's fun to witness the craziness but I'm glad I don't have to work there today!

    2. I grew up on fastnachts in Lanc. and really miss them here in the South. Always looked forward to these treats this time of year. I do however have a recipe from the Central Market, but for just me and Mrs. Oneiron, it's too much trouble.

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        Yeah they are awesome! Thanks for your comments I was hoping for more. I guess everyone is on a low carb diet. :)

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          Sadly, no faschnaut for me yesterday. My father always got them from a baker somewhere between Kensington and East Oak Lane while making housecalls in the middle of the night (old time Doc). Never knew where they came from and Dad passed away about 5 years ago (after many many Faschnaut Tuesdays!)
          Thanks for the memories!

      2. Made it to yum yum a bit before ten pm and the boxes are starting to pile up. Peered through the little window by the drink cooler and could see at least four people at work rolling dough, frying donuts and taking them out to cool. Two people were manning the counter, one was just putting together boxes to await the sweet treats to come.
        They had five different kinds of faschnauts so I got a dozen box with one of each kind but filled the rest out with my favorite, glazed. I'm trying to hold out til midnight but I made the mistake of opening the lid and inhaling deeply. Must keep typing....At this rate I'll be back when they reopen!!!!!!

        1. In Lancaster there are fire halls and churches that make it a fundraiser so we don't get into it here at Sweet Infinity but down the road a bit is the West Lancaster Fire Co. They are putting out Great Ones today , beautiful potato dough, and traditional PA Dutch powdered and plain. If you go for glazed let's face it , you should be ashamed(like I was earlier this morning LOL ha ha).

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            My wife made 5 dozen yesterday, using her late mothers recipie. Saved one dozen for ourselves, the rest went to our relatives and co-workers.