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Feb 23, 2009 10:03 PM

Is there a good happy hour in the east valley? anywhere??

I live in Valley Village, and am looking for a happy hour that is in Burbank, Noho, Studio CIty to take some out of town friends to. I've been searching for one, but just can't find one that keeps me coming back.

Does anyone have a favorite happy hour hangout in this area?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. McCormick and Schmidt is wonderful...on riverside dr.

    10 dollar steamers, a cool happy hour bar menu and the best side cars for miles.......

    no actual happy hour prices but Laurel Tavern is a great new spot on Ventura just before Laurel Cnyn. It may have the best grilled artichoke I've ever had (they brined it) and the menu is mostly under 10$ - with a few items at 11$ the burgers look amazing...killer fries and the menu is smartly updated...but not cutified...just smart uptone pairings of flavors...... I have yet to try the pork belly skewers or the grilled cheese (with a few interesting flavors up it's sleeve)

    Lucy's in Toluca Lake used to rock! but it's gone downhill with the recession and a snarky bartendress who seems to have picked up alot of shifts. If Mike or Moses are pouring - you're good to go. The burgers used to be great/ sliders not so much. and 51 kind of martinis...all grand...and a real New York joint vibe.

    Next door to Lucy's is 818.... pretty decent wine bar ( I wish I could find a place with a Malbec by the glass) the tapas is hit or miss....some great! some a real miss. Gorgeous decor..the music just doesn't seem to fit... too NNnns NNnns sometimes. ( I don't want that with gorgeous photography on the walls and a serene glass of something lovely)

    I hit Timmy Nolans ( on riverside)when I want cider and dublin chicken (and the fish specials are usually good!)..... and Fox and Hound for shepherds pie or pub grub (killer bangers with HP sauce and Coleman's- now THAT is a happy hour)

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