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Feb 23, 2009 08:05 PM

Rec for large group to center city byob

I am in charge of planning a philosophy conference and need to find a restaurant that is moderate in price ($15-18 per person) that would be able to hold 20-30 people. I want to use a BYOB, since I think that we will be able to keep costs down and also be able to drink far more (in case you didn't know philosophers love to drink). Suggestions I've received so far are mostly Chinese or Vietnamese restaurants, since they are the only "larger" byobs (as far as I know). But I am open to anything. Suggestions?


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  1. A Center City BYO that can accept 30 people at $15-$18 won't happen.
    In order to accomidate that many people most will have to close for the night, and you will have to pay them for that.
    You will have to go to Chinatown or perhaps Washington Avenue.

    1. eek! while you'd be hard-pressed to find anything upscale, i can say we had a nice 'hounds meal a couple years ago at los taquitos de puebla. they were VERY helpful in planning a menu to fit our exact budget, and they've got a no-frills party space across the way on 9th. they're down by washington. food makes up for what lacks in ambiance. i brought my own stereo, we all brought tons of wine, food was great, made for a fun night. there are eyeball tacos on the menu, but don't let that deter you... people swear by the tacos al pastor and the tacos alambres. again: NO ambiance. think sterile white walls, fluorescent lights. however you can rent the whole space (assuming they still have it) fairly easily and prices are reasonable.

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        1. Wow, I hope you get this in time. New BYOB at 13th and Pine(btw 13th and broad), Giorgio on Pine. Italian BYOB, has two separate rooms and second canbe set up for a crowd of your # and is set off from main dining area. Food is delicious, melt in your mouth gnocchi, great bread, homemade pasta...delich....had one bad night there (50-50 for dishes), but all other 5-6 times, perfection, the gnocchi melt in your mouth like in Italy

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            We ate there. Food was good but the parking was impossible.