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Feb 23, 2009 07:45 PM

It's FAT TUESDAY - Are You Celebrating?

Is anyone paying homage to the party known as Fat Tuesday in New Orleans?

If so - what are you cooking?

etouffee? beignet (savory or sweet)? jambalaya? gumbo? red beans and rice? dirty rice? king cake? maux chaux? bananas foster?

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Yup, for me it's pancakes, or more specifically, crepes for breakfast brunch. With maple syrup, sugar, lemon juice, strawberries, and whipped cream on offer for toppings. A family friend is the host and crepe cook.

      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

        Yep, we made crepes served with sugar, lemon wedges, orange wedges, nutella, butter and syrup. Delicious!

    2. I am having a big Mardi Gras shindig. It's definitely not a stick to the roots sort of party, but more an excuse to celebrate good food and drink with friends. While generally I like to have a cohesiveness to my dish choices, I am really bastardizing things and making a hodge podge of dishes that honestly simply reflect recipes I've been wanting to try out, and kind of pawning it off as Carnival/Mardi Gras to make room for excusing some of the dishes. Sorry if that offends!

      -white and red Sangria
      - Dark n' Stormy's
      -3 different type of croquetas- crab, mushroom/cheese, and chicken
      -Rum Cake (yes this is totally ridiculous in lieu of king Cake, but i am coloring the icing in green, purple, and gold and putting a baby in the cake in honor of that at least)
      -Moon pies
      -red beans and rice

      Question chicaraleigh- I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance, but what exactly is maux chaux?

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      1. re: gumibear

        You wouldn't find it b/c it isn't spelled correctly. It's maque choux - a delicious dish,usually corn mixed with garlic, tomatoes, bell peppers and seasonings and braised.

        1. re: gumibear

          Dark N Stormy's are from Bermuda - Goslings Black Rum and Ginger Beer

          1. re: gumibear

            sorry for my mispell on maque choux - was trying to pull that one from the memory bank late last night but yes, definitely delicious mix of corn, aromatics and spices

            thanks for the correct spelling bayoucook!

            1. re: chicaraleigh

              Here's a great article on maque choux with a suggested recipe

              I'm making a bastardized version tonight (no tomatoes so using tomato sauce). I think I'm also making dirty rice and something with pecans.

              1. re: chicaraleigh

                no problem - I live down here with Mardi Gras!

            2. We are having jambalaya at work today and then I head to the parade as soon as the work day is over.

              1. I made pancakes for breakfast. It's also pancake Tuesday and for dinner we're having jambalaya.


                1. Going to a Mardi Gras party (live music, food, etc.) at Tracks (in nyc) tonight. And maybe I'll stop by Shake Shack for a bananas foster custard.