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Feb 23, 2009 07:34 PM

san antonio soul food ( best ) Tonya's

Has anyone tried Tonya's at the corner of Marbach and Militar? It's in the strip center next to the marbach bingo hall. This is the best Soul food i have ever had. I travel and love to eat at local spots. The Fried Chicken is the best i have ever had. The sides also wonderful. Pork chops, baked chicken, ox tail ect....

Joe C Moe

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  1. Have you been to Mr. and Mrs. G's on W. W. White. I love that place and think it's the best around, but I haven't tried Tonya's yet.

    1. The restaurant is called Tanya's Kitchen, and it's at 7444 W. Military Drive.

      I happen to think that the best soul food currently available in San Antonio is at Mama Lee's. Mr. and Mrs. G's may be good, but I'll never know -- I can never make it there during the 30 minutes they're open every day.

      I grew up in New Orleans and know what good soul food is. I'll put Tanya's fried chicken to the test today.