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Feb 23, 2009 06:26 PM

McCrady's Charlestown

I went there in a group of 6 last Saturday night. While the food was acceptable the service was abyssmal. The waiter had tobe flagged for drink and dinner orders. Although they make a deal of a number of services presenting the plates at the same time, they routinely got it wrong. The wait between appetizers and entrees approximated an hour--and the waiter didn't check in with us. The service killed the evening. Maybe they treat tourists that way--but I will probably be in Charleson again, and wuld never return--

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  1. That's really sad. I was there the weekend before and had just the opposite experience. The service was absolutely fantastic.

    1. McCrady's is on my list. I am intrigued by their approach to molecular gastronomy. Tell me, does every dish look like a science experiment? My notion is that I will go when I have a small appetite. The experience appears to be a more of a feast for the senses anyhow.

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        My problem there was that every dish looked very pretty on the plate but tasted like a science experiment. I actually didn't find the portions to be all that bad if you order a dish from every flight. A lot of other molecular gastronomy places are a lot more...sparing when it comes to plating size (but then again I like them better).

        1. re: mikeh

          On the tasting menu we had, only a couple were like science experiments. I haven't eaten from their a la carte menu, but they looked more traditional..... less molecular gastronomy going on. I also thought that the portions were ample overall.